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What is CURE?
Codename: CURE is a first person, objective-based, co-operative, zombie fragging game. Cure utilises Valves Source engine and aims to provide a fun and immersive, zombie shooting experience, primarily focused on great gameplay. Cure can be played both on and offline, with or without computer controlled teammates, and with various difficulty options.

Game Objective
As part of a military special operations team, the primary objective is to infiltrate heavily infected areas of our now post-apocalyptic world, attempt to "cure" the local zombie infestation by planting controlled explosives and detonating them on a timed charge; then attempt to evacuate the area before the bomb timer expires. To accomplish this task, each team member must choose one of five player classes, play to their classes strengths and most importantly stick together.

Codename: CURE is primarily focused on delivering a great gameplay experience, with the following features:

Five Balanced Player classes
One touch weapons/equipment (e.g. melee/grenades/sentry)
Computer controlled teammates
Intuitive/Dynamic zombie spawning
ADS (Aim Down Sights)
Realistic Difficulty options
Dynamically changing levels

Player Classes
CURE sports five well balanced player classes consisting of:

Pointman - M4 Semi-Auto Shotgun, Dual elites, Grenades
Support - MP5 Sub-Machine Gun, Glock 18 Pistol, Deployable Supply Chest
Assault - Galil Assault Rifle, SIG P228 Pistol, Grenades
Technician - M3 Pump-Action Shotgun, Glock 18 Pistol, Deployable Sentry Gun
Sniper - G3SG1 Sniper Rifle, Five-seven pistol, Incendiary Grenades

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