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Version changes:

Aggression level 50 grants Aura of Mirrors resistance

Aggression level 90 grants Aura of Damage

Charisma level 40 grants Health Trap resistance

Power 80 grants Negate HP Hardness

Stamina 80 grants HP Hardness

Rework the Gravity Gun to ignore Tactics and have upgradable range, max mass, and force

Lower Pulse Rifle base damage to 20, and per-level damage to 1.0

Raise RPG per-level damage to 4

Raise SLAM per-level damage to 5.5

Aura of Mirrors now has increasing Mana cost the longer it is active

Ensure no regen occurs while dead

Disable automatic weapon-switching (specifically fixes an issue with picking up Grenades)

Add HL2 DM default binds to the AoA default config

Turn on aoa_fly by default

Fix lights on dm_powerhouse that never stop moving once shot

Tweak the in-game popup tips and mention key for character status

Fix obituary for Health Traps

Fix for occasional issue that could cause a player not to be saved

Fix linux crasher for maps with broken ladders, such as dm_facilitybeta2

Disable external bot plugins (which previously would just crash the server if attempted)

Hopefully prevent plugins from accidentally attempting teamplay-ish things on a non-teamplay server.

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