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Art of Ascension is a free RPG modification for Half-Life 2. Art of Ascension combines the spirit of online role playing games with the faster battling pace of classical first-person shooters. Players increase their character's level and enhance their abilities by battling to gain exerience. With higher levels comes training points to upgrade their weapons and attributes.

Alpha v0.9 is now out. Players with v0.8 Clients do not have to upgrade immediately, however some features are only available once upgrading to v0.9 Client. New features and fixes:

v0.9 server:
All ammo pickups grant 5 Mana Points
Alchemy level 10+ now increases Max Mana Points
Alchemy level 35 grants Create Health
Alchemy level 45 grants Create Health Trap
Alchemy level 60 grants Create Armor
Alchemy level 90 grants Aura of Invisibility
Charisma 10 grants Pogo Jumping (you need the v0.9 client to use this command)
Stamina level 40 grants HP Toughness
The Mana cost of flying increases the longer you remain flying in the air
Lower Mana cost of flying to 3/second at 70 Agility, and 5/second at 90 Agility
Increase wall armor charger capacity to 100
Increase normal armor pickups to 25
Add 'denied' sounds whenever attempting an action you lack the ability to do
Take frag ratio of victim into consideration for determining experience points
Increase all armor strength by 25%
Change weapon Grenade base to 100 and per-level to 6
Change weapon RPG per-level to 3.5
Change weapon Shotgun per-level to .2
Change weapon SLAM base to 50 and per-level to 4.5
Do not let +speed misleadingly make the speed sound when you lack the ability
Fix HUD display of HP over 500
Fix issue where a player with no spawn weapon set would cause the scoreboard and stats to display incorrectly

v0.9 client:
Flash the Mana hud element when Mana changes
Miscellaneous hud tweaks (always display hud elements, even when at empty or full)
Make non-overriding default config

Your player file is saved to our server during play and when you leave. When you come back to ANY of our servers you will pick up right where you left off.

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