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Art of Ascension is a free RPG modification for Half-Life 2. Art of Ascension combines the spirit of online role playing games with the faster battling pace of classical first-person shooters. Players increase their character's level and enhance their abilities by battling to gain exerience. With higher levels comes training points to upgrade their weapons and attributes.

Your player file is saved to our server during play and when you leave. When you come back to ANY of our servers you will pick up right where you left off.

Alpha v0.12 is now out. This is a server and client release. You will be able to continue to play with the v0.11 client on a v0.12 server, however the Shotgun secondary fire will look misleading until you upgrade to v0.12. (The screenshot below indicates the Shotgun secondary fire change, before and after.) The changes are:

Add Crowd Favorite bonus system, granting more experience for being and killing the Crowd Favorite
Charisma level 60 grants Aura of Mirrors
Lucidity level 60 grants Ammo Regeneration
Lucidity 70 grants Armor Knock
Lower Crowbar speed increase to .003
Raise Pistol damage increase to .7
Lower Pulse Rifle primary fire damage increase to 1.2
Raise Shotgun damage increase to .2
Raise Shotgun secondary fire to 14 bullets, and widen the spread by about 2.5x
Lower Stun Baton damage increase to 2.25
Raise RPG ammo pickup to 5
Raise RPG base max ammo pickup to 20
Raise Alchemy Create Armor to 50 AP
Allow ammo pickups, even at full ammo (allowing Mana pickup as well)
Fix Mana display, which previously displayed 99 as the normal max when it should read 100
Disable Mana loss from Aura of Speed when dead
Add AoA icon to Steam menu
Reduce in half the distance a spawnable item must be moved before it may respawn
Reduce number of sprites and sparks from Pulse Rifle
Change default name to '?' to hopefully avoid some confusion
Implement cheat-restricting facility for global character bans
Patch which seems to fix Physical Mayhem on Win32
Linux server porting.

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