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The Battle Grounds 2(BG2) is a Half-Life 2 multiplayer modification based on the revolutionary war. It is the sequel to the popular HL1 mod with even more features and possibilities.

Again the Royal British Army battles it out against the Colonial United States Continental Army in even bigger battefields with even more freedom.

Interactivity is a very important factor in this mod and team play is as important as ever before. Fire muskets, sharpen bayonets, board the ships and take control of all flag point to succeed in your campaign for the control of new england.

== Version History: ==

0.14 - 20050917
changed version naming scheme to something easier for people to remember/type
all new bullet physics - still experimental. use sv_simulatedbullets to activate
ragdolls are now removed on round restart
players no longer get to survive round restart if there aren't enough spawns
minor fixes to spectator mode
officers now have their own models
walk/run speeds are now dependant on class:
loyalist/minute man slow
royal infantry/continental soldier medium
royal commander/continental officer fast
admin helpers added.
teams now autobalance
class limits added(mp_limit_*)
cvars to store team scores, if changed the real scores are too.(mp_americanscore/britishscore)
mp_timeleft added, returns remaining time to map change.
sv_restartround added, resets flags, scores and respawns all players.
added township
added bg_ambush
added bg_hill2
fixed missing language files
fixed snow in func_percipitation
added various map models
added new smoke material to replace CSS smoke nade one
voice commands look different to normal text and except for the warcry can only be seen by your team(but still heard by all)
updated and refined all player model skins
.cfg now exec on mapchange. it is execed last, after listenserver.cfg
and last but definitely not least, fixed many, many exploits.

v0.0.13 - 20050811
fixed flag capture issues when one team is empty
fixed player model textures
fixed bot_add abuse. it's now a cheat since there appear to be no way to make a ConCommand rcon only
fixed clientside melee attack spam.. caused massive viewpunch and lots of decalspray with high ping
fixed respawn system getting stuck after mapchange for mp_respawnstyle 1
fixed bots so that they do stuff instead of stand still after mapchange. also the name counter gets reset
removed unused old materials and models that got left in
removed some maps to reduce update size. some of them were also bugged or had other issues
removed old HL2DM helpers around crosshair
there's now a choice of three crosshairs(and combinations thereof):
the dynamic circular from v0.0.12
a static three-line thing
a dot(tiny square)
use cl_crosshair as a bitmask to switch between them(add their indiviual codes for combinations)
also, check cl_crosshair_scale and cl_crosshair_r/g/b/a to set scale and color/opacity
made respawn system more polite. if someone happens to be in a spawn point, it simply waits a while
this change should help avoid crashing due to massive telefragging
it should be pointed out however that mappers should put spawn points at least 128 units apart
"ok" voicecomm added to yes
distance based gunshot and stab sounds added. they might need some work though

v0.0.12 - 20050807
GameInfo.txt renamed gameinfo.txt for Linux compatibility
incorporated all accuracy values from 1.0F RC14, not just the standing still ones
also using 1.0F RC14 attack delays for melee(1.0 for baoynets, 1.1 for knife, 1.4 for sabre)
made american sniper get revolutionnaire, and infantry get charleville. they were mixed up
reduced damage forces on players and ragdolls
"move on" voicecomm added to advance
updated melee logic. first it tries to behave like the HL2 crowbar, and if it succeeds so far it tries
for "aimed" blows so hitgroups can be hit
class/team selection menu redone
stamina system added
crosshair changed to something more visible
sabre and knife now works underwater
sk_player_* readded, but only for getting rid of nag messages - they don't work
bullet whizzes added
flag transparency fixed
a whole lot of maps added
lots of other small things I can't remember
now needed players for capture of a flag is min( what_flag_wants, how_many_players_on_team ), so that
even if one team normally would.

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