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Version 1.6 of HL2:CTF includes tons of changes making the experience worthwhile.


The following is a heavily edited version of the full beta 1.6 changelog for review:


* Added Gauss ('Modified' Tau Cannon) to weapons for jumping and pushing players
* Added Alyx Gun to Weapons
* Added OICW to Weapons
* Zoom added to OICW
* Added spiral tracer for OICW AirBurst
* Added Sniper Rifle to Weapons
* Sniper rifle has two levels of zoom (fov 20, fov 5)
* Sniper rifle instant-hit penetrates walls (12 units thick), props and players (up to 6)
* Sniper rifle inaccurate and recoils when not zoomed in
* Crowbar and stunstick now use the same refire time, range, and damage settings
* Frag grenade glow/trails are now team colored
* SLAM laser now team colored
* SLAM detonates when the owner switches teams


* Turrets easier to knock over and slightly less powerful
* Turrets no longer loop alarm sound effects
* Turrets no longer use tracers causing phantom tracers through walls


* Haste rune removed, replaced by Cloak rune
* Cloak texture visibility based on the player’s speed
* Cloak texture replicates similar effect on older versions of DirectX
* Changed runes to droppable/hold-until-death
* Runes respawn at their origin after 30 second timeout
* All Rune sounds are now broadcast globally
* Reduced shield powerup values
* Reduced drain powerup values
* Reduced regen powerup values


* Entire HUD is now team colored
* HUD flag and award indicators slide out and animate when changing states
* Award icons added for Assist, Capture, Return and Defend
* Added +1, +2 and +5 icons over the player’s head when they get a bonus
* Added HUD Radar for domination/oneflag showing flag carrier's location
* Improved scoreboard with added assists column
* Added new icon for warmup and requireready
* Timer bar displayed during warmup
* HUD Ready status now indicated by new icon
* Added timeleft HUD display


* SourceTV director now properly broadcasts and prioritizes CTF events
* SourceTV now uses a random fixed camera when nothing is going on
* SourceTV now delays the server map change until the broadcast is finished
* SourceTV should prefer players who are fighting enemies to players who are grouped with teammates
* SourceTV chat no longer cuts off the last character
* SourceTV cameraman enabled


* Spectators can no longer spray, use the flashlight or issue any other impulse commands
* Spectators can no longer use weapons or pick them up
* Added hud_specnames (default: 1) shows the name of multiple players when in spectator mode


* Added client option to display the name of the flag carrier on the HUD (hud_showcarrier)
* Added client option to play a sound when you register a hit on another player (hud_hitsound)
* Added ability to force fair models for a match (ctf_matchmode 1)
* Added ctf_forcemelee cvar to force flag carrier to use only melee weapons and gravity gun
* Added dropweapon command which drops your active weapon with some reserve ammo if available
* Added dropbattery command


* Removed voteyes/voteno, ctfmapvote, ctfgamemodevote commands (MANI)
* Removed ctf_capturestrike, ctf_stopwatch game modes
* Removed all sound spam messages from console
* Removed ctfmapvote and ctfgamemodevote


* Players no longer spawn with the SMG
* Combine team's gravity gun is now blue
* Fixed combine ball from killing you when firing while running
* Footsteps are the same for both teams and use material sound effects
* Player model uses proper sequence when changing weapons during a jump (no more ref pos)
* Map now fully resets after warmup including all props
* CTF Warmup no longer subtracts from mp_timelimit
* Fixed changeTeam +1 score bug when changing team via model
* Ladders no longer trap observers/dead players
* Fixed protect allowing you to protect yourself
* Fixed assist allowing you to assist yourself
* Players are now forced to join a team when autoteambalance is on
* Jointeam no longer gives an extra frag in certain cases
* Arena mode gives you the new CTF weapons
* Location entities optimizations
* Keyboard configuration GUI updated with new items
* Health/suit charger models now show the correct amount of juice remaining
* Fixed server.cfg executing prior to loading the first map
* Added sound to indicate round start after warmup
* Maps with no rebel/combine flags should now force ctf_domination 1
* Cannot steal the flag through the floor when flag is on the floor above the player
* Added headshot capability with rebel/combine headshot obituary icons
* Fixed 'has joined the game' message appearing during the players initial spawn only
* Can pick up weapons dropped by players even if mp_weaponstay is on
* Periodic award for domination flag carrier (2 points every 30 seconds)
* Radio commands are now localized to your steam-selected language
* Translation layer added: Spanish

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