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Some initial reports coming in from players having problems with beta 1.6 may be

directly related to video. In this release we have provided a configuration that

auto-detects default settings which may be turning on HDR on some systems. HDR

is not supported in any HL2 multiplayer mods at this time.

If you are experiencing crashes in the new beta, please check OPTIONS -> VIDEO

to see if HDR is enabled. HDR should be set for NONE at this time.

Once the SDK is updated for HDR we look to fully support HDR in the mod. In

fact some of the maps are already prepared for HDR once this has been provided

in the SDK.

What's new in Beta 1.41?



* Description of game mode objectives now displayed when players join a server

* CTF events now use Half-Life Standard Log Format Specification

* Players no longer spawn with combine ball ammo in Arena and CaptureStrike


* Fixed spectator chase cam

* Improved spectator movement

* Changed default ctf_capturestrike_timelimit to 4

* Added ability to vote on game mode using "gamemodevote"

* Added cvar for servers to disable physics props

* Added cvar to mute spectator chat to non-spectators

* Always mute dead player's chat to living players in CaptureStrike mode

* Allow dead players in CaptureStrike mode to use roaming spectator

* Modified default server config

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed possible crash from chat macro use

* Fixed voting hud showing incorrectly

* Fixed ctf_enablechatmacros cvar not working in some cases

* Fixed not being able to use roaming spectator after joining a team

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