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DANGER 2 version 1.1

(Half-Life 2 addon)


Series name: DANGER

Author: Sergey Zemenko


Release Date: 20.11.2005

INSTALLATION: Run danger2install.exe and install into your SourceMods directory

(example: C:Program FilesValveSteamSteamAppsSourceMods).

HOW TO PLAY: Select "DANGER 2" on Steam and click "New Game".


After 20 years after first part, John Bekid turned out to be in unknown city

City 13.

He it is necessary to run down from city. In this he will help the doctor Saimons, which already Two years makes out scheme escape.

But power of the Combine this dislikes. And they try to stop John. This will Bring about uprising the people of this city against Combine.

But while people and Combine fought with each other, other extraterrestrial races have already Begun the seizure of the EARTH.

Power rebel and combine to come be united to survive.

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