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Cinematic Mod for HL2: EP 1
V 0.1 Override-Version

You need the textures from Cinematic Mod for Half-Life 2! This pack
contains ADDITIONAL and EP1-fixed textures only.

What does this pack do?

- Hires-Textures for HL2:EP1
- New Soundtrack (check the new intro and the escapetrain-sequences)


First Step:

Copy the folder "materials" from your Cinematic Mod / Hirespack for HL2 to
SteamAppshalf-life 2 episode oneepisodic

Second Step:

Copy the folder "episodic" from this archive to
SteamAppshalf-life 2 episode one

Windows will warn you about overriding directorys. This is okay, as only new files are copied.

About Pre-Releases...

This is a quick and dirty pre-release, mainly for fixing the changed texturemapping on some EP1 models. The new soundtrack is not final, but will give you a feeling, what you'll get with the final release.

Like all Pre-Releases this version probably morph your computer into pink elephants or collapse the universe. Should this happens, simply delete the folders materials, scripts and sound from your episodic subfolder and restart steam. Next gamestart steam will grab the textures and soundfiles from the CFG files.

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