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With version 1.7, our objective was to work on the weapon balance which is something very key for every First Person Shooter. We've created a weapon damage simulator which enabled us to make a lot of fights scenarii based upon the settings of all parameters for each weapon. Parameters such has primary/secondary hit damage, radius, headshot factor, spread and so on. Our beta test team has conducted lots of tests to ensure that each weapon has its strength and weakness and that the overall feels good and can provide some fun for both casual players and pro gamers.

IMPORTANT : the new weapon balance does not alter Regular HL˛DM which keeps its gameplay intact.

This version also introduces an inventory HUD which resumes your arsenal in-game including ammos for both Regular HL˛DM and Promod.

We would like to thank the beta test and tweaking team who has performed a tremendous job in just a few days. We've gone through one alpha, 4 beta, a Release Candidate and a Gold version to finally make this version public. What has really impressed us is the very high quality of feedbacks, bug reports and descriptions (including demos) they've done. They have been able to reproduce bugs which were occuring in such situations that we still wonder how they could reproduce them.
Thanks to you guys !!!

Finaly, we would like to thank Swot who has done a wonderfull map named pg_biohazard. It looks awesome and bring some fresh air in HL˛DM.

We hope you will like this new release. Have fun !!!

- RATICIDE & J@nek -

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