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Her name is KORIN.
She challenged to wear a bikini.

The animations are shared with Female in HL2deathmach and Alyx in HL2. This model have added facilal animations.


Divided fingers.
Changed hairstyle to pigtail.
Changed little about bikini color and mark.
Fixed a flashlight bug.

Changed a little about facial animations,added thong of bikini and so on.



Unpack this and copy model and material folders to your
//Half-life 2 deathmatch/hl2mp/
or (If you want to play single player mode)
//Half-life 2/hl2/

If you want to return an original one, remove them.

Let's try to copy them to your //SourceMods/garrysmod,
you can enjoy the model in Garry's MOD.

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