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Once upon a time in the West.

Fistful of Frags is a multiplayer modification built over Valve's Source Engine. Our game is set in the Old West, but it doesn't matter if you are a die hard fan of western based games or not, we simply want to create an original gaming experience oriented to any gamer who enjoys competitive online first person shooters.

The main motivation behind this project is our desire to create unique gameplay. Two concepts in carrying out this aim include extensive player customisation and dynamic objective system. These are our two main gameplay proposals with a number of other features revolving around them.

Fistful of Dollars is the name of our main game mode, like the classic movie starring Clint Eastwood. It consists of an original and very effective game mechanic that will let new players get into the modification far more easily than most online modifications, but at the same time, will also make more experienced players want to keep coming back due to its inner complexity and addictive nature. This gameplay mode is coupled with an innovative weapon selection system that offers a vast degree of freedom. Everything is tied together with our Notoriety experience system that measures player progression along each round in a way never seen to date!

Main game mode: Fistful of Dollars Overview.

Becoming rich was one of the main motivations that attracted lots of people to the Wild West. You'll be doing exactly the same! Every player will be helping his/her team to gather money. Once the specified total amount is reached then your team will win that particular round. Each game consists of several rounds, during which infinite re-spawns are enabled for every player.

Money is randomly positioned around the maps inside crates or chests, acting as containers. Players will need to take control of these areas in order to collect money. You can retrieve money personally or cover a team-mate while he/she attempts to carry out such a task, both actions will reward the individual player in the same way. Teamwork isn't essential however, but this particular game mode awards those players who like to play as a team.

Dynamic objectives: This is one of our primary game play mechanics. The money containers won't be placed in the same areas all the time. Level designers can create different placement schemes using a very simple system. Our money crates will also vary in value and certain other parameters, such as the time required for them to be opened. This unique feature is one of our distinctive marks within the mod, and will vary the way the game is played each round.

Retrieving the money from the crates is the hardest part. Once a player has managed to open a crate (a progress bar shows on the HUD during the process) and the money is retrieved from that crate, a time counter will show. The money from that crate will pass on to the individual's team mates once the countdown ends. If the player dies during this critical time period, money will be placed inside a sack near its cadaver and enemies or teammates will then be able to collect it. All other players will be aware of anyone who is retrieving money through an icon that will appear over that certain individuals head, again, during the countdown period.

Those are our main game play mechanics, but there are many more. We mentioned earlier player customisation as one of our main features. During each round players will be awarded with notoriety points for every positive action pursued, including:

* Collecting the money inside of a crate
* Protecting a teammate while they open a crate
* Killing or injuring enemy players
* Team bonus when money is retrieved to the entire team.

This means that every team member will be awarded when one of his/her team-mates add money to their team counter, so be sure to protect your teammates as best as you can!

Notoriety points are the base in order to get equipment. You'll be able to customize your player weaponry or even their clothes! Equipment is handled in a very special way. Every item/weapon will be added to the players list if they have enough notoriety. Each player starts with 25 points every round but these points can be increased through the above ways.

Players can get the exact equipment they want using the notoriety points they start with/collect in the equipment selection screen. This means there are no artificial restrictions like primary or secondary weaponry. For example, someone could use their points to acquire 3 dynamite loads, a revolver and 2 throwable knifes, while someone else could use the same points to get a coachgun and some extra ammo.

A quick note about kills and notoriety compensation system. You'll be receiving notoriety while injuring or killing enemy players, but we also want to avoid unfair practices such as killing a severely injured enemy and getting the full notoriety points from that kill, when quite clearly someone else did a lot of the work. To counter this issue we award proportionally according to the amount of damage done instead of just the final kill. It's pretty logical but most games don't take this issue into account.

Each time you injure an enemy, some notoriety is added to your counter, but the amount can vary depending on several factors. The total amount of notoriety received when hurting an enemy is based on the victims + enemy's notoriety, and the weapon employed during that particular attack. This system awards more notoriety points when the victim has more notoriety than its killer, and using weapons with lower damage power (or a weapon which is hard to control/use) is also awarded with a larger notoriety boost.

Finally, what are we looking for with this notoriety compensation system? It's one of our core game play ingredients, seen frequently in ladder scoring systems where low ranked players get higher scores when they defeat higher ranked players (well known in chess). We want to do the same here, but in an online FPS. It's basically a mechanism that awards you with the correct prize every time, it's meant to be fair for everybody, and it also encourages those players who aren't doing well to continue playing. Also regarding weapon selection, players will want to use weapons that aren't very effective more often than usually seen in online FPS games, in order to gain more notoriety than more powerful weaponry would do. This ensures that the full arsenal will be used during the game.


- Bounty game mode: explore the tactical side of Fistful of Frags. This brand new mode brings completely different possibilities to our game. Teams are asymmetric in player number and equipment. Desperados have the disadvantage of facing a double or triple number of opponents, but they start with much more notoriety to select their equipment and vigilantes have some respawn restrictions.

There are several objectives in map which have to be defended by vigilantes to win the round, and there is a time limit too. Success or fail won*t depend only on your accuracy, you have to coordinate with teammates, use terrain and buildings to ambush enemy and choose your equipment wisely, taking in consideration the objective to attack/defend.

- Deathmatch added to all maps.
- Nowhere level: spawn in the center of a desert storm and find the loot in a vast underground area.
- New menu music by Contraceptive Spongebob.
- Colt SAA 1873 "Peacemaker", model by Kaskad, uv*s, skin and animation by Racer445.
- New team selection menu, game mode indicators.
- New weapon sounds: Colt Navy, coachgun, axe.
- fof_nohint client convar, use it to hide all the hints and help on screen.
- fof_gamemode: server command, sets game mode directly
- fof_defaultgamemode: server convar, sets default game mode for all maps
- fof_autobalance: server convar, disables all team balancing related features

Gameplay adjustments:

- Few Dollars More spawn system adjusted, players should spawn at an adequate distance from the carrier, preventing to walk long distances
- Forward speed increased (+15%)


- HUD panels flashing / chat window freezing while another player connects, finally!
- Henry rifle 2 bullets reload
- Server stability should improve a lot

Weapon adjustments:

- Henry rifle: rate of fire slightly decreased, accuracy is much more affected when player moves, player will move slightly slower
- Dual Colt Navy slightly more accurate
- Coachgun damage model adjusted, same damage and dispersion but double amount of pellets.
- Bow and revolvers position in view space tweaked

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