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Authors: Stargate TC2 team

StarGate Total Conversion 2 (also known as SGTC 2) is a Half-Life 2 mod taking place in the world created by the TV show Stargate.

The name "Total Conversion" indicates SGTC 2 is a mod where no part of the original Half-Life 2 game is still used. We created all the models, all the maps, all the sounds and an entirely new gameplay by ourselves to fit them as much as possible to the Stargate world. You won't thus hear combine radio noises, see any HL2 grenade or recognize anything from HL2 when playing SGTC 2 matches.

One of our most important objectives for the SGTC 2 design is to stick as much as possible to the show spirit. Therefore the mod contains the most famous weapons seen in the show (P90, zat’nik’tel, goa’uld staff…) as well as the features of the various factions (Tau'ri, Goa'uld, Wraiths..) and of the typical artifacts of the Stargate world : you will delight in spilling some goa'uld blood with a whole clip of bully P90 ammos or on the other side to inflict extreme pain to these pathetic Tau'ris thanks to your zat’nik’tel.
Some minor adaptations were however considered to correct some show inconsistencies or imbalances (nobody likes dying after a single staff blast for instance), to find a better balance between factions opposing each other in the TV show and thus to improve your game experience.

An exclusive feature of SGTC 2 is its exceptionnal stargate whose gate address dialing system on the DHD is an accurate copy of the show system. Every dialed address must be valid to open the gate and it's up to you, the player, to manually enter the address by pushing the right DHD symbols (We told you! We stick to the show!). To assist you in entering the address, a menu displaying the most important gate addresses was coded in-game. Will you take up the challenge of entering Earth address on the DHD under a heavy fire and orbital bombing, while keeping calm and without making mistakes in the address?

Benefiting by the most up to date technical breakthroughs of the Source engine, SGTC 2 plans on reaching a flawless graphical quality to give you a feeling of complete immersion in the show. We care a lot about sound atmosphere and about the mod introduction musics. The feeling of being part of the world described by the TV show will be complete in SGTC 2 : high stress combat situations where your P90 blazes while goa'uld staff blasts hiss past your ears, face to face duels between Teal’C and some goa’uld god, staggering air combat with X-303 and Death Gliders and so much more will never give you the impression of just playing in front of your computer.

We are fully aware of the gameplay importance and we give extra care to the maps, the game rules and the balance of weapon powers to make SGTC 2 the best Stargate mod for the Source engine. You will never regret playing SGTC 2!

StargateTC 2 : Beta 1 Server Edition (for Linux & Windows).

The server version of SGTC 2 uses Linux to be more stable and performant. The installation file can be downloaded in one of the news preceding the release by a couple of days.

To run a dedicated Source server on Linux, download hldsupdatetool from the VALVe server. Make a folder named srcds_l, save hldsupdatetool in this folder and then run it. (Have a look at this if you have a Uncompress error.)

mkdir srcds_l
cd srcds_l
chmod +x hldsupdatetool.bin

The new version of HLDSUpdateTool is downloaded. Once the download completed, the console shows up. Let's move on to the download of the files themselves. This could take several hours depending on your server connection.

./steam -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir .

Edit (or create) srcds_l/cstrike/cfg/server.cfg as you want. Now we are ready to launch the srcds.

Example of launch of srcds with sg2_temple for the map:
./srcds_run -console -game stargatetc2 +map sg2_temple -maxplayers 16

and press Enter. Your srcds is now operational.

Extra: Run srcds in the background (re-attachable)

Here is a script running srcds in the background in a "screen". screen must be installed to do this. Make a file named and write the following in this file:
echo "Starting SGTC2 Server"
sleep 1
screen -AmdS sgtc2-server ./srcds_run -console -game stargatetc2 +map sg2_temple +maxplayers 16

Save the file and type chmod to run it:

chmod +x

If you want to run your server, just run . Your srcd server is now run in the background. To open it, type:
screen -x sgtc2-server

If you want to close it, press ctrl+a+d . It detaches in the screen and keeps on running in the background.

Notice that creating a Windows server is possible with the client version of the mod. To do this, click on Create Server in the main menu of the mod. After having launched your game, check in the console that the parameter sv_lan is set to 0 ("sv_lan 0") in order to make your game available outside of your local network. Another possibility is the use of the Source Dedicated Server tool to get more performances.

Important note: It is adviced to create servers with a maximum of 16 slots as the maps are not fit for more players.

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