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Authors: the Fistful of Frags Team

Fistful of Frags is a multiplayer modification for Source engine settled in the Old West. Its key features include:

* Fistful of Dollars game mode: original team oriented gameplay packed with fast paced action.
* Few Dollars More, Bounty and DeathMatch additional game modes
* Dynamic objectives: use your gun... and your brain too!
* Notoriety player progression system: measures player contribution to its team in several areas (combat, objectives and teamplay).
* Equipment and player full customization: spend your notoriety points in the exact weaponry, skills and visual customization you want. Includes more than 20 different items.
* 15 weapons, most of them with a secondary attack mode: fists, knife, axe, Colt Navy 1851 (single and dual), Colt SAA "Peacemaker" (single and dual), Deringer .41, double barrel shotgun, Henry repeating rifle 1860, bow, Smith carbine 1857, Sharps rifle 1874, dynamite and explosive bow!
* Fist fighting: stamina based combat, several kind of punches, including a special "knockout".
* Anti-tk system: play with friendly fire on, like the big boys do!
* 10 levels: western town, abandoned mission, desert forts, mexican village, mines, etc

Change log:


- More than 30 new 3rd person reload animations and poses. Every weapon has 3rd person reload animation now. New 1st person view animations: fists and coachgun
- fof_desperados map added, this is a conversion from a well know CS:S map called cs_desperados, by jackennils, used under permission. We barely
modified the brushwork in any way, as the layout is pretty good for Bounty game mode, but the texturing and props were completely revamped.
Conversion by R_Yell (also new textures) and Freak.
- fof_tramonto map added. This is the final version of our classic map tramonto_lite, it has received a considerable work around the spawn areas
and some new effects, but gameplay is basically the same.
- Dynamic respawn system completely remade, much more optimized regarding resource usage and gameplay. Teams will spawn together in Few Dollars More and Bounty, increasing the chances for teamplay. The system will try to spawn players near other teammates, avoiding confusion and deathmatchy games. No more waiting messages will appear anymore and is guaranteed than it´ll work 100% of the time!
- Translations to: French (Yester), Traditional Chinese (pedro0930), German (Cromwell), Spanish (Ryell)
- Type ´stats´ in chat to know your accuracy stats during the game.
- Basic info panel added in loading screen.
- Different sound fx´s are played when you receive equipment, pick up ammo or knives/ares from the ground
- New objective crate, model by Freak / textures and animation by RYell.


- SourceMod HUD menus should work now
- Color_correction entity is functional now
- Game mode tag won´t show constantly, other redundant messages also removed. Use fof_nohint to disable any in-game help or Options/Multiplayer/Advanced
- Bounty poster not showing some players properly
- Eliminator map: DM spawn point fixed.
- Respawn points in Nowhere map
- Recovery notoriety system


- Several improvements/changes in Bounty game mode: distance from both objectives is controlled tightly, vigilantes will be able to pick up physic items to barricade, scoring system is tweaked: desperados will be rewarded as a team (not only those players getting near the objective while capturing it)
- FDM: time to capture loot increased 2:10->2:30, carrier cannot sprint anymore but normal speed is slightly higher. Boots are still effective, so
they decrease the speed penalization.
- Dynamite: player speed decreased while using it, time to detonate increased (6.5->7 seconds), added randomness to max time (-0/0.5sec.), visual indication added to know if dynamite is lit when player holds it, self kill notoriety penalization increased (5->8)
- Whiskey jug replenishes 30% faster, notoriety reward is 40% lower. Use secondary attack to call teammates to stop for healing. The whiskey jug won´t work until it reaches a minimum replenishing level (20). Now you can see teammate´s health as a bar on top of their heads to ease the whiskey man´s job. The healing range has been increased so whiskey man doesn´t need to be close to heal.
- Crosshair: added fof_chcolor to define color, size reduced, dot added. Use fof_chadditive to make the crosshair texture additive
- Team balancing: end round balancing will happen if there is a difference of notoriety between each team bigger than 15% (previously 25%)
- Presidio map: both side buildings are accessible now, objectives and respawns position changed
- El Paso: added moving train
- Deathmatch: extra spawns added in peligro_lite, improved spawn system.
- Jumping is a bit less restrictive


- Single revolvers are slightly less accurate using primary fire, fanning is slightly more accurate
- Dual revolvers can fire simultaneously now
- Coachgun: faster fire and draw animations
- Explosive bow: damage increased +25%
- Dual Navy has a new first person pose, reworked animations
- Fists: new pose/animations. Damage is inflicted now using the correct timing regarding the animation, not immediately as it was done previously (crowbar legacy code). Therefore, left punch is faster but causes less damage than right punch, and both still can combined in a super punch when enemy is punched two times straight using alternate hands.
- Notoriety acquired using thrown knife, axe, dynamite and explosive bow is proportional to distance between player and target. So long distance shots are better rewarded now, while close one are less rewarded than previously.
- Bow produces 30% less notoriety in DeathMatch.
- Added Henry rifle sight again, this time doesn´t block view as much as it did before.
- Faster draw animation in some weapons

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