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Authors: PVKII Team

The Pirates, Vikings and Knights II team has brought a unique mod to the Half-Life 2 community. In PVKII, 3 teams compete against each other for kills, points, and total domination.

Pirates, Vikings and Knights II is a fast paced total conversion of the Source engine.

With a melee combat system that's unique to the modding community, game modes you won't find in other games and parrots that can be trained to peck at enemies, it's no surprise PVKII is so entertaining!

With each new release comes a handful of new features and changes that add even more depth and entertainment to this mod. The team works hard continuously to bring the community more action and fun.

If you enjoy getting together with people and having an exhilaratingly fun time, Pirates, Vikings and Knights II should be top on your list of mods to try!

Beta 2.2 is mainly a bug fix patch with some new features. Below I have listed a few of the new features, changes and fixes.

- Fixed arrows sometimes pushing the enemy towards the attacker instead of pushing him away.
- Added a delay before teams can be switched again after joining a team.
- Kegs that explode after the thrower has died no longer increase the special bar.
- Fixed berserking health boost not working correctly when the player already has the health boost for holding the grail
- Fixed Blunderbuss special reload exploit.
- Fixed pickup respawn issue in deathmatch maps.
- Fixed the grail overlay being too bright/obtrusive.
- Fixed attacks doing 1.4x the normal damage against the grail holder.
- Fixed +1 death caused by autoteambalance.
- Fixed some reported client-side crashes.

- Health and armor bars now flash white when getting the instant health and armor bonus for killing the grail carrier.
- Added a hud effect when being healed by the grail.
- Added support for loading maps/mod_textures_mapname.txt for support custom map custom death notices.
- Added Parrot Naming ability. Defaults to Polly (name can be changed in multiplayer advanced options).
- Added Donator Icons.
- Added a status_pvk2 console command which prints name steamid and parrot name for each player.

- Shields now block 80% of explosion damage.
- Damage taken from perfect parry now depends on the size of the opponent's weapon.
- Made keg fuse sound audible from longer distance.
- Chest and Keg Damage from being thrown increased slightly.
- Grail is automatically transferred to the killer of the carrier if close enough.
- The player who kills the grail carrier gets instant full hp and armor.
- Halved perfect block penalty damage.
- Parrots and crows are now mortal enemies, They also do less dmg to each other so that they dont die instant contact.
- Crows now add some special when killed.

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