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Author: Decadence Development Group

Decadence is a story-driven multiplayer modification based on Valve Software's Source Engine that combines the personal relationship to characters and surroundings of single-player games with an adrenaline filled multiplayer experience. Decadence pits two teams against each other in a fight over territorial control. Each map is designed in stages to offer a more compact and action filled gameplay that puts focus on teamwork and strategy.

Decadence is multiplayer with personality, where you play as one of four different characters. The character you pick is specifically for you and will give you certain weapons and other advantages, and you need to use every single one of them together in combination with your teammate to succeed. The environment will also be key to survival, providing cover from enemy fire as you advance towards their flag. Staying close to your teammate is vital in Decadence. They are able to help you in many ways, not only as an extra hand in combat, but they can also revive you if you get shot down.

The story of Decadence takes you far into the future, to a world where governments are scarce and survival is all that matters. Various attempts to grow food have lead to poisonous chemicals flowing through bodies of water, and plants growing in ways never thought to be possible. Promising a heavily atmospheric world and an interesting twist on team-driven gameplay, Decadence is a unique multiplayer experience that the most casual online gamers and most hardcore FPS gamers can enjoy together.

Four Distinct Characters
Matches will be played out with four players, so your actions as a player and as a team are of the outmost importance. There are four unique characters with their own set of advantages, weaponry and style.

Revival and Regenerative Health
You are able to regenerate your health back up again if your hurt in battle, just rest behind a cover for a few moments and you'll be up on your feet in no time. It is certainly not the end of the match if the bullets happen to get to you. Your trustworthy team-mate should always be close to hand to get you back on your feet again and fit for fight.

Push style gameplay
There is a constant struggle to secure the checkpoints in each area of the map, however, the game will be focused and compacted into one area at the time to give the players the most adrenaline powered game possible. When a checkpoint is captured, the game will move over to the adjacent area next to that. The team who can push their way to the enemy base and capture it wins the match.

Decadence will not feature a large HUD with information; you will instead be able to read out all the information from the game world itself. Everything from ammunition, damage and sights will be seen as if they would be in the world, not on an overlay over your eyes.

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