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Author: Weeblinator

Hammer Deluxe is an open source half-life 2 modification of the episode 2 engine of which has been modified especially for half-life 2 map makers in order to make much more advanced maps, puzzles and randomized events to make levels much harder to achieve.

There are NO custom models, sounds, maps, materials or anything that the mod does NOT require as this is made for people to make better maps as this is a mod to fix what Valve decided not to include into the hammer feature list of which we could easily make use of but they could not.

We have not touched the Valve Hammer Editor as the source code for that is not released, but we have highly improved the entity coding and .fgd information such as making it so mappers can modify the health, model, skin, ammo... etc of npc's in order to make a boss, import in custom models / textures and more into their map so they don't have to create entirely new mods just to test out or show off their creations.

The Source code for this Modification is available to everyone for learning purpose's only. If for any reason the content of Hammer Deluxe is needed for any Half-Life 2 Modification, please supply credits to Hammer Deluxe as you would have read the ToS.

New Content:
1. info_target_redirect
Sets the info_target_redirect's origin to another entity's origin in order to have other entities use a dynamic targeting system.

2. game_string_text
Display and change 5 different strings via input.

3. logic_random_event
Roll a random number and tell the entity what to do once each number is triggered.

4. item_random_item
Spawn a random pickable item.

Currently Edited Content:
1. math_counter
Input - GetValueAsString
Output - OnGetValueAsString - Sends the Initial Value to another entity such as the game_string_text in order for it to be displayed on the screen.

2. item_item_crate
Added muiltiple items to be created by the entity when broken.

3. npc_maker
Added ability to spawn random NPC's by choice.

4. All npc's
Remove Headcrab - Remove the headcrab off zombie npc's.

Referent Model - Main model of the npc that can be changed.
Torso Model - Change the torso of certain npcs like zombies.
Legs Model - Change the legs of certain npcs like zombies.

Health - Changeable health to make boss's or balance certain maps.

5. All item_ammo pickups
Ammo - Change how much ammo this item will give apon pick-up.
Model - Change the item's model.

6. env_beam and trigger_teleport
Can now use the info_target_redirect

7. item_suitcharger
Current Armor - Current armorin the charger when game starts.
Max Armor - Maximum armor stored in the charger.
Player Max Armor - Maximum armor that the charger can restore to the player.
Armor Increment - Amount of armor restored to the player per interval.
Model - Change the item's model.

8. item_healthcharger
Current Health - Current health in the charger when game starts.
Max Health - Maximum health stored in the charger.
Health Increment - Amount of health restored to the player per interval.
Model - Change the item's model.

-== Terms of Use ==-

Under no circumstances is any content from Hammer Deluxe to be copied from and important into any other Half-Life 2 modification and be taken credit for even after modification. This is classed as piracy and the mod will be also classed as stolen property of the Wireframe C.O.U 2009. Under any chances of piracy happening, the mod will be notified once targetted to supply credit to Hammer Deluxe.

If no notification is given to the developer of the mod. They have the right to either remove the content or supply credits to Hammer Deluxe as piracy is not needed in the Game Developing Community and there is no reason to encourage it amongst the legitimate developers putting a bad reputation on the Game Developing Community.

Hammer Deluxe is a Half-Life 2 Modification of the source code made for those that want to make more advanced maps. If modification of the source code is made, applying them to the forums for other users to use will be recommended but not forced apon anyone as it's a free community but all modifications to Hammer Deluxe source code will not be taken lightly as they were made for the community and require credits to Hammer Deluxe if put into another mod.

By downloading Hammer Deluxe or it's source code you agree to the T.O.U that you have read and agreed and will follow the T.O.U on Hammer Deluxe being the property of Wireframe and will not be used for anything other than learning purposes.

Wireframe also holds the right to change the T.O.U at any time given and all those that have aquired Hammer Deluxe will agree to the changes and will follow as instructed.


Dec1234, Ferret, Joure, Winston

- Half-Life 2 Modifications Currently Using Hammer Deluxe -

! There are no mods currently using Hammer Deluxe !

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