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List of changes:

* Added ~20 new own textures, which used in all nine maps.
* Added color correction effect for all maps, which makes a mood more melancholic and dark. DO NOT PLAY MOD WITH DISABLED COLOR CORRECTION OPTION!
* Generally changed last map (slums_9.bsp). Added new logical ending and several new areas.
* Added new music for ending. (end.mp3)
* Added new sound for flashlight and changed color of light to yellowish.
* Added new sounds for shotgun and smg shots.
* Adjusted lighting in all nine maps. More brightness. More light sources. Some light`s colors were also changed.
* Battle with antlions is now easier. There are only one guard and four regular antlions.
* Barnacle was deleted (slums_4.bsp).
* Stationary AR2 was deleted (slums_6.bsp).
* In the subway`s hall added one enemy turret for more challenging battle.
* Fixed balance. Added medkits and ammo. Amount of enemies was reduced in some areas. Balance was adapted for hard difficulty mode.
* Most of areas are redesigned, higher detailed.
* Added text hints for buttons/switchers to explain player what he does.
* Changed a way to go at third map (slums_3.bsp), where earlier was a vent.
* Optimised city streets map (slums_5.bsp). Most of dust clouds were deleted to increase performance.
* Added chapters selection to interface, where player can choose from five chapters to play.
* Redesigned logo in UI.
* Fixed font issue where flashlight picture had no display.


Just unpack Slums 2 folder to your SourceMods folder. Be sure to delete Slums 2 original (if you have it already in your SourceMods folder) before install Slums 2 Extended.

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