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Current Half-Life 2: Wars release version: Multiplayer Beta 1.0.4 (March 2011)

Half-Life 2: Wars brings the struggle between the human resistance and their Combine overlords to a real-time strategy setting. HLW has been in development since 2007 and last saw a public release (Multiplayer Beta 1.0.4) in March 2011. The Multiplayer Beta, which you can download here on ModDB, requires Half-Life 2: Episode 2 to play and is our very first public multiplayer release! It features 3 game modes: Antlion Skirmish, Antlion Capture the Point, and Overrun, showcasing the Antlion and Combine playable factions. Future releases will include skirmish matches between Resistance and Combine.

Multiplayer Beta 1.0.4 requires Orange Box to play. Source SDK Base 2007 and HL2: Episode Two must be installed.

Wars 1.0.4 changes
* Server infinite changing maps due the old Python gamerules not always being cleaned up properly
* Stalker unit sometimes not responding to orders after doing the repair/construct ability
* "Destroy all links" ability of the Combine Shield Generator broken

* Combine soldier death sound

* Navigation mesh tweaks or_trapped, or_crashed and or_hot_sand
* Abilities that are not usable from the abilitypanel are now filtered

* Removed maximum wave size limit of 500

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