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Uh. How do I start this?

Let's just say if you're interested in my story, go on and read what I have to say, otherwise just skip this part; a brief (very brief) description of the mod (its story) follows below ;)

I'm a huge fan of the Half-Life series. I always loved playing videogames in general.
Once upon a time, videogame developers didn't give a f*ck about achieving "maximum graphics".
The important thing was to make an enjoyable experience for all gamers, an experience they would never forget. Think of Zelda (in my case, my favourite). Or Metal Gear? Aw, there are SO many examples. Games were made to be fun to play. They often were very hard to beat also, and when you didn't know where you were supposed to go now, or what object you were looking for, there was no internet to help you out. You just had to play the game and find out by yourself. When there was a boss that seemed impossible to beat, you just had to try over and over again; and boys... that feeling when you beat a boss you were trying to beat for almost a week; that feeling of -victory-..... PRICELESS!

But now, let's look at the present games: we have Call of Duty (releasing regularly a game once a month, err, I mean year, just to make money), and then we have Call of Duty rip-offs, and then there are other games. Nowadays only a very little amount of games are really, really "epic". There are, but they are starting to get very rare (there is still some hope left hahahah). I mean, first person shooters with autoaim, hints and mission objectives on the hud like for instance an arrow that always points in the right direction to go? What the f*ck?!
Half-Life (in general) is one of those games that I would consider a perfect first person shooter.
A very balanced and fair gameplay. This is very rare nowadays! So many times I beat a game last year without dying even once or having to search for a way out. Videogames started to be somehow too easy (or at least, that is how I felt).

So now the point is: ever since I played Half-Life for the first time, I was fascinated of the huge mod community and the support Valve was (and is) giving us for their games. It sure is incredible.
And since then, I always wanted to create a mod for myself. My own little creation. I didn't know much about modding or mapping or so back then (yeah, I screwed around with CryEngine 1 sandbox editor sometimes, but not so much). And now that the game industry seems to fall apart in most of the cases, I decided to start mapping and train myself for an upcoming project: a Half-Life 2 mod. After some years of using the Source SDK for various games (CSS, TF2, L4D2, and so on...), I finally got some mediocre skills at mapping. I was ready, and so I started mapping for a mod of which I didn't even know the title yet. I just knew: the mod has to have a balanced gameplay, and it has to be hard to beat (not too hard, not too easy, but a little bit of pressure sure doesn't hurt, so that you feel satisfied when you survive a fight).

So here I am now, almost done with my project. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on it :)


tr1p tells the story of a guy who had a car accident while driving home from work after a 48h shift. He wakes up at night laying next to his crashed car in a place he doesn't seem to remember as a part of the route he usually takes to go home. Actually... he is now very, VERY far from home.

Will you survive and make it back to your home and family alive?


WARNING: This game is really difficult for some people to play (as I could notice from the first review of a youtuber), so you better be a hardcore gamer if you wanna finish it ;) otherwise I think you wouldn't enjoy it. :)


This mod requires Half-Life 2: Episode Two to run.

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