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(Pics are in the zip file) The upload button on this site for uploading my pics isn't working)

Here is a Halo Custom Edition map that I"ve made .. it only is for playing C.T.F., and only 10 players can play.

If the maps get lots of attention, then I"ll put time, into making
the 5 full modes: (ctf.. odd ball.. snipers.. king of the hill.. ETC.)

My name is JoeKeyz
My Website is :

A Big "Thank You" to strategy for putting my maps on your site.

Also , I"d greatly appreciate it if someone who runs a
Halo CE server, if they could try out my map(s) on it for the players to battle it out on.

Eventually, I'll get around to running another server like I did before.
It was named "Enjoy Heaven, Hell, or Me!!"

Anyway.. I hope you like my work.. ( pssttt.. give me some inspiration) lol (download it)

BTW (by the way) Put this map in your HaloCE maps folder:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\maps

JoeKeyz (also Known as JoeyPoey, martians, and RoboClaw).

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