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Name: Tutorial 2

Version Editor: AzUrEaL

Original Designer: Bungie

This version of the tutorial map, built by bungie, gives the player
a glympse of the newly remodeled Halo 2 style Master Cheif complete with animations.
Though some of the weapons are still Halo style the Cov Energy sword
and Human SMG make a guest appearance.

Basically i re-populated this map with sapien (weapons and scenery) and edited out
any mistakes in the base map design in 3ds Max 7.

Special thanks to:

The Halo 2 CE team for their fusion core tags
Jahrain and Doc Oct (Project Zelda Team)
AzUrEaL(me) for the energy sword tag

And a huge thanks to Kurk for his tutorial... Keep up the good work budy.

Known errors:

A little f**k up in the hands when holding the energy sword

Some minor scenery screw ups which i covered with ferns and schrubs etc.

Contact me if you find any others or would like to comment.

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