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Halo: Combat Evolved Cheats & Codes

These cheats are for use only with Halo: custom edition. you will not be able to play online while in devmode. to activate the cheats, open up the properties window of the halo: custom edition shortcut and add "-console -devmode" after the target. put a space between the target line and -console, and another space between -console and -devmode. to open the console, press the ~ key (the button above tab). on the cheats with <#> next to them, type 1 to activate or 0 to deactivate. Always include the _ in the cheats, not a blankspace.

Code: Description:
cheat_all_powerups This spawns one of each powerup around the player
cheat_all_vehicles This spawns one of each vehicle around the player
cheat_all_weapons This spawns one of each weapon around the player, including the flag and oddball skull
cheat_spawn_warthog This will spawn one regular warthog next to the player
cheat_bump_possession <#> This lets you take control of any character you make contact with
cheat_deathless_player <#> This makes you absolutely invincible, even from falling
cheat_infinite_ammo <#> This gives you infinite ammunition for every weapon
cheat_medusa <#> Any enemy that looks at the player will automatically die
cheat_super_jump <#> This lets you jump very high. (Should be used with deathless player cheat, otherwise you may die while falling)
cheat_bottomless_clip <#> Human weapons and the needler never have to reload, and the plasma weapons can not overheat
game_speed <#> Change this from 1 to 20 to make the game run faster. change it to 0 to make the game pause
cls Clears the console screen
debug_camera_save saves the current location of the camera; used in conjunction with the next command.
debug_camera_load this sends the camera to the location that debug_camera_save was used, seperating the camera from the player
camera_control 0 Returns the camera to first person mode
cheat_teleport_to_camera Makes the Master Chief teleport to the camera's position, and then gravity will take effect, so don't go too high

Halo: Combat Evolved Hints, Tips

Longer Cinemas
Depending on the difficulty, more cinema is included in the beginning of the level. For example, on the first level, The Pillar of Autumn, choose difficulty on heroic and more cinema (movies) play in the beginning than if the setting was on easy. Another thing, you only have to beat the Maw on legendary setting to see the longer ending. happy gaming!
Sniper Position
In multiplayer, in the level "Blood Gulch", go to the blue fortress. To the right of the fortress there is a rock wall, go up to the wall with a ghost and scale forward towards the red fortess. If you keep going there is a ramp that goes up and then gets narrower as you go. Right when you get to the end, make a sharp right turn and head upward as far as you can (hold 'A' during all of this) then start moving right until you fall into a slit in the mountain...this is a superb sniper position.
You Only Live Twice
This trick works on any level. All you need to do is grab at least one frag grenade, or or a rocket launcher. When you are about to walk into a cinema throw the frag or launch a rocket at your feet. The explosion will kill you (duh). If done correctly, you should see yourself walking into the cinema, but your body is laying in the background.


Halo: Combat Evolved Trainers, Cheats Downloads

Name: Size:
V1.06 (+5 Trainer) by Flyke 12 KB Download it!
v1.07 (+8 Trainer) by Extalia 12 KB Download it!
AmmoTrainer by Dementia 12 KB Download it!
V1.02 (+4 Trainer) by PizzaDOX 12 KB Download it!
V1.0 (+9 Trainer) by Outcast 12 KB Download it!


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