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Well, after a long time of slaving away with a freeware stopwatch getting the timing for each cutscene

perfect, I, {AHS}SONIC, present to you, the halo ce community, Coluseum II, the pinnacle of SP mapping

and cheesy voice acting. (I think this is one of the few maps to feature voiceover, so

enjoy it.) I know the BSP sucks, but i lost the 3ds file so i had to stick with it. This map

was HEAVILY inspired by Bioshock, so if you have played it before, you might notice several gameplay

elements from the game. This is most likely the last map i will make for halo ce. School has started

and i have to deal with all the crap that the american government decides kids should learn, even

though we will most likely never use it in life...*cough calculus,the quadratic formula*.

(japanese schools are so much better lol)

Anyways, the concept of this map defies First Person shooters. It gives them a freshly polished

middle finger and says NO, WERE DOING IT MY WAY. It's all about choices. Save the wounded marine

from the elites, or get a better weapon to save yourself. Go up this ladder, or find another way

at the cost of your own HUD. You think you are making the choices, but throughout the map,

Coluseum II screams at you "YOU ARE BEING USED!!!!!", but it is only in the end you realize what

really happened, maybe some events were planned. After you complete an objective, the map

does not ask you how you feel now that youve done whatever you just did, like most FP shooters do.

Instead, it asks you how you feel now that youve been forced to. I know the first coluseum was stupid,

no storyline, you walk around running people over. wow thats so fun. This map, besisdes BSP

similarities, has nothing in common with the first coluseum. That should tell you something.

There is only so much you can fit into one map, and i spent over 6 months filling this

map with things that will be removed from the last version simply because the size became too

large to upload over an ftp client. I cannot fit an entire campaign into one map.

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