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Well guys, it's been a long time, but here it is. As promised, Ambush of Modern Combat. Unfortunately the models contained within the mod are all very old place holder models. All those new models you may have seen recently we have decided to put to better use. We cannot discuss at this time what they will be used for but as you can tell, it's not halo. The majority of the weapons are skinned and a few vehicles as well. There a few unfinished things like sounds and some animations but nothing that would affect gameplay. The only known major error is the tank turret, for some reason, cannot rotate a full 360. However the weapons and vehicles have all been nicely balanced out and have been tweaked to simulate reality best as possible. All things aside, it's a great mod to have fun with. For all of us who tested it gave us a good few hours of entertainment. So here it is guys, have fun with it :)

-The Modern Combat Team


Animations - Penguin1362/crtlaltdestroy
Models - Penguin1362
Skins - Mattae
Biped Rig - Kiwibird
Desolation BSP/textures/uzi model & skin - scooby
HEK work - Penguin1362
Flashbang model - Teh Lag
Looking important while he made his own map for Modern Combat - Snafubar
Weapons research/Consulting/car model & skin - Snafubar

-Special Thanks-
Tiamat for a few pointers and tricks
Teh Lag for fixing a few errors for me
Jcap & Ghost for giving the mod a home
Random for spending hours trying to get a team biped script to work. Unfortunately, he never succeeded
Wave of Lag for assiting with a few last minute things :)
To anyone else I may have forgotten thanks for the help. It's been a long time.
And to everyone who supported this mod since its start several years ago! Thanks everyone!

-The Mod-

M16 Designated Marksmen Rifle
IMI Galil
IMI Galatz
Mortar Strike
Arctic Warfare Magnum
Flashbang Grenade
Fragmentation Grenade

PKM Techincal
90mm Recoilless Rifle Technical
M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank
UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter
M1025 Humvee

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