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Name: Tempo
Author: Arteen

Only echoes remain to greet you in this abandoned Covenant depot.

This is a small, simple, symmetric map with a covie theme. The flag rooms are on the third floor on each side, reachable either through ramps along the sides of the map, or through a set of teleporters at either end of the map. Covenant debris litters the stage. It is designed for all gametypes.

This map was going to be a CMT map, but no such luck. I'm releasing it now so that it gets released at all, since the CMT version has been cancelled. It's fully playable, but not fully polished.

Special Thanks:
Tiamat for tags used in his ncyborg
CtrAltDestroy for the weapon backpack tags
Lightning and H2CE for teleporters and flag bases
Wave of Lag for making me learn how to UV unwrap
baturkin17 of and Phil of for hosting
Kyle and Stormwing for some ideas I wasn't able to implement in the original
CMT for testing, and for their work on the CMT version
The beta testers for the first version (sorry, I forgot your names after two years!)

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