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Author: Zoxin0

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~§_Bridge Battle 3: The Turn-Style_§~

Description: Hello once again my good ol' buddies of HaloFiles!

"Zoxin's back? WTF? I thought he died!"

Nope. I'm not dead, and I am sure as hell back to do some more modding
for you guys! I kind of felt like I had to, since my file count is much
greater than most of the other contributors on HaloFiles!

Today I bring you the third installation of my popular map series by
the name of Bridge Battle. In this variation, weapon spawns have been
made more balanced and not as over-powering. As well as this, it would
be pretty hard to miss the giant spinning structures surrounding the bridge!
In addition to this, there are some control panels (just scenery of course)
and a giant hologram of a planet with Installation 04 surrounding it.

This map was given to me a while back by HMC who had done
the PMI's. I spent many days figuring out how to let all of the spinning
structures around the bridge appear and not cause exceptions.

NOTE: If you break the glass on the bridge before people join, then
they will not see it broken when they come. So my advice would be to
break the glass when joining a game of this mod.

NOTE: I take NO credit for doing the BSP PMI. That was all thanks to
HMC and thank you for letting me do this mod.

"C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesHaloMAPS" DIRECTORY!

To install this mod, go to the downloaded .zip folder and copy
the "" file within and paste it in your
"C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesHaloMAPS" directory and click "Yes"
to overwriting the old "".

To uninstall this mod, take your backed up and paste it in your
"C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesHaloMAPS" directory and overwrite
the modded "".
If you did not backup your original, I am sorry.
I cannot be held responsible for that.



For feedback or questions contact me at either:

Filefront Member Name: Zoxin0


If you put this mod on your domain (website) or in your mod without my consent, then legal
action WILL be taken!

I am not responsible for any harm done to your computer after you have
downloaded this file

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