Map: Halo 1 Multiplayer Maps
The original, unmodded multiplayer maps of Halo 1! (Atleast I think they're unmodded... Anyway. Even if they arent fully unmodded, they are still slightly modded and still completely playable on multiplayer. Readme not available
  File Name:     Author: Clavat99
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  Posted: 04.03.2011   Supporters: 10 (+1 Add)
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By adonuchiha (SI Newbie) on Aug 26, 2011
I played this game. I also got very bored of this game. I played it so far to where the tower is at, that I quit playing cause I think I died like a thousand times. That tower ruined it for me to finish playing and moving on to Halo 2 and the rest.
By Clavat99 (SI Member) on Nov 18, 2011
...tower? there is no "tower" in halo 1. you are an idiot and the only reason you would have died a thousand times is because you suck at games. dont ever diss halo 1. any of those games you are good at are there because of it.