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Extream-Death-Gulch beta Readme:

THE mod includes:

-Lightning ghost:drives 3 times faster and fires rapidley, as such damege is decreased. credit for the skin goes to Ash Lewis.

MA5C spec ops assault rfile-credit goes to jackel for his post of his ma5c version 2 and credit also goes to tazz and pm7 for the things jackel didnt make. fires slitley faster than halo 3s rifle has less damege then halo 3s and is more acurate than halo3s and has 2x zoom.

-halo 3 shotgun-has 6 round clip and fires 36 rounds altogether just like in halo 3s-credit goes to tazz for the skin and modle.

havic needler-fires faster and has diamound needls-credit goes to me and jackel.(jackel did the skin)

halo 3 plasma rifle-has the atruebutes of the halo 3 plasma rifle fires faster looks cool-credit goes to tazz for modle and skin.

guass tank-my own creation fires rapid guass tank shells damege is 1 third of normal a direct hit is still mostly a instent kill ,well most of the time.

Camo-hog- a camo skined hog by DefinedOnly/Vr22s can fire turret in driver seat drives faster turrets rate of fire incresed.

bloody-shee- drives twice as fast faster fire rate fuel rod can be fired more often not by much though only known problem is the riticule is messed up. skin made by Khorne_bezerker aka Rangu$.

Hulk-hog-slow moveing rocket hog that dosnt need to reload.

super fuel rod beta-fires on a much less arch goes starit for 22.2 meters and then goes downward unsure and the distince thing.

halo 3 rocket-rocket travels faster has 6 reload rockets 2 per clip altogether 8 rockets.- credit goes to tazz for skin and modle.

mega flamethrougher beta-more damege fast flame slitley more range lots more ammo.

desert eagal-pistol on stairiods the desert eagal weapon from call of duty 4 modern warfare
simi-auto fires faste,r less acurate, recoil, no scope very very powerful 2-3 shot kill in body 1-3 shot in head this is only beta no modle or skin so i put tazzes halo
3 pistol skin and modle in so credit to him :).(and cod4)

m82.50calibar sniper rifle beta- the M82 has recoil,fires faster,more damegeing,much more ammo 70 rounds in total. credit to tazz for halo 3 sniper skin/modle i will have the m82s real modle and skin asap then put it in the final or maby the beta 2 version.

-flash bang plasma grenade beta-makes your screen go white if your in radius for a small amout of time inless your stuck then for a much longer time.

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