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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Super Grenade Mod by MarsMartianMan ||
1.Halo Full
2.PPF-O-Matic (If you do not have PPF-O-Matic already, you can download it here:;24225 ).

Force Grenades (Bursts with an outward force of energy instead of an explosion).
Energy Drainer (it shoots out a draining field in every direction for 3 seconds).
Mortar Launcher (Fires an extremely powerful mortar that makes a giant plasma explosion).

Please, BACK UP YOUR MAPS! I don't want any complaints about "Boo hoo you messed up my maps! I cant play halo!".
I am not held responsible for the overwriting of map files that have not been backed up.

1.Open PPF-O-Matic.
2.Select the map you want to apply the mod to (Has to be
3.Select the PPF included in this folder.
4.Click "Apply"
5.Start halo and enjoy the explosion.

PLEASE: If you would like to use this in your mod, or have any intention on redistributing/modifying this mod. Please contact me at:

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