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Pelican decal set by Mr_Wii

MY first Halo skin.

Small little skin that adds some decals to the pelican.

just cuz it seemed a little bare without them :)

Added some Multiplayer emblems from Halo 3 (Grunt head, crossed out, Valkarie, for the Foehammer insignia on the wing, and the Master chief emblem, which is convienintly covered by the wing strut. xp

Also added Shark decal to nose, and UNSC to pods and wings.

Thanks to anyones textures and/or pictures I used. :)


Inject using HMT, just find the normal pelican texture and replace it.

Coments via Email are greatly appreciated. MY email is

Keep in mind that spam email will be immediatly deleted and the users email blocked.

Go ahead and use it in other mods, just as long as you acknowledge it's mine.

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