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Windows Ammo Counter
by Papercliporama

I was just screwing around on halo when I thought
'hey, wouldn't it be a great (stupid) idea if the MA5B rifles had windows installed on them?'
After tinkering around in photoshop, this set of skins was the result.
This only a test version of the skin and I will be releasing a better and improved version in the future,
based on people's criticisms and other stuff.
I am also planning to make a mac ammo counter if I have enough time between school and homework!

Known bug:

-Under the command prompt, there will be a small, tear in the texture that you can see through.
This will be improved an updated skin, when I get around to doing it.

How to install:

-Open up halo map tools (HMT) Version 3.5 and inject the textures to the according places.

You may use these skins for personal use and in maps and mods, as long as you give credit to me,
(skkim, or Papercliporama)


Microsoft/Bungie - For making Halo
Me-For making the skin

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