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HALO 3 MA5C Assault Rifle!

Well because of school work, I wasn't able to do any mods during the past couple of months. So now, I thought it would
be nice for me to put this assault rifle that i pieced togeather from many people's ma5c assault rifle's packs (of
course, I edited and added alot of stuff...) and made this one!


You'll need:
PPF O MATIC in the EXTRAS folder(I encluded)
And the files from the Ppf Files folder in the EXTRAS folder

1. Extract the .ppf files in the Ppf Files folder from the .rar archive to anywhere you want.

2. Run ppf-o-matic.exe inside the ppf o matic folder in the .rar archive or just extract it (the folder)
anywere and run it.

3. Click the floppy disk beside the ISO file text box and browse for your
halo trial maps folder(inside the halo trial root directory and be sure
to change the "File of Type" into "All Files".) Select any map (other than and
press open.

4. Then click the floppy disk beside the ppf file text box and browse for
the corresponding ppf file (ex: bloodgulch.ppf applys to click apply
to apply the patch. Do that for the other two map files (bitmaps and sounds).

5. If you want to uninstall, do step 2-4 but you must check the "apply undo
patch data" checkbox and then click the apply button. Enjoy...


For people who wants to use the pack files instead of ppf (putting this AR in other maps), I expect
you to be experienced with HMT v3.5 (remember to install my given plugins included in this pack
under the folder EXTRAS!) and HHT V5

To use HHT v5 on halo trial maps, you need to first apply a sparkify patch (included in this pack under
the folder EXTRAS) and then open the map with HHT. Apply the sparkify patch with ppf o matic with the
"INSTALLATION FOR .PPF" directions. But instead, apply bloodgulch sparkify.ppf to

After moding the with HHT V5, REMEMBER TO UNINSTALL THE SPARKIFY PATCH!! (or else the map
won't work in halo trial) To uninstall the sparkify patch, just apply the BG desparkify patch using
ppf o matic to bloodgulch.

To install the plugins, just drag the plugins folder to your HMT or HHT directory. Open one of them up and there
you go.

1. Inject the given files (bitmaps, sounds, model and animations, and meta data)
using HMT V3.5 (given plugins not required for these) REMEMBER TO PRESS THE

2. Mod the map according to the text file"Tags to Edit.txt" GIVEN PLUGINS NEEDED FOR THIS (you can put the
plugins in both HMT or HHT)!

3. Open up halo trial and enjoy...

*If you get an exception error, it might be you've done something wrong during the meta data and animation
injection. If you feel you've done it right and it still doesn't work, inject only the animation tag and
nothing in the Meta Data folder.

- To make the sounds sound better (firing sounds) go to audio setup in settings and turn sound variety
to high (sound quality to high as well if you want).

- If firing sound still sound buggy, try the sounds in the alternat sound folder under the folder: sounds


Jackle's ma5c assault rifle v2 stuff
me, ImBrokeRU, for tag editing, sound editing (including sounds to animation), model editing, and some bitmap editing.
black (i think...) for assault rifle skin and multiperpous. If I'm wrong, plz correct meh

You can include this mod in any of your mods (just as long you don't sell it).
Be sure to include proper credit if you are going to post your mod with this mod somewhere!

If i missed anything in this readme, plz tell me or add it yourself in the coments section (expecially credits). If you want
more details on how to inject the files, email me at:


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