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Posted on 03/25/2008 23:55
Points: 32653
SI Herodotus

Strategy at its' finest...and barest.

With minimalist graphics at best, there is a wealth of information for the player to wade through, as he/she should. A thoroughly absorbing and brain-teasing strategy title for boardgamers with no partners.
Posted on 03/13/2008 09:56
Points: 30
SI Newbie

Much better then firs HoI
9.9 perfect
Posted on 05/03/2007 04:37
Points: 234
SI Veteran Member

very good and clever game, but no graphics, but.......who care
9.7 perfect
Posted on 04/06/2007 09:56

Simply one of the best

This game is wonderful, it kept me sane while deployed in Iraq.

The game has some campaign modes, as well as multiplayer. This is a non-linear game with a mildy steep learning curve. You have diplomatic and strategic things to consider as well as... Read More
9.5 perfect