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Under "Pimp my HOI" I'll publish all my Mods related/useable with Std-HOI. This is a first AI-Mod with ~7k lines of new code, completely rewritten pordiction ai wich let you interact with ai through decsions what it should build.

Pimp my HOI - Dynamic AI:
This Mod is for an unmodified Std-HOI3. It changes so far only the production-AI and gives you the possibility to interact with this AI via decisions(some new techs and decisions).
So you could play with AI on full auto settings and concentrate on the war-action.
That may also be useful for beginners. The AI takes also advantage from it as it adjust the production more in regard to circumstances now.
So if you loose much convoys it will adjust the production rate accordingly! Even more so in war times.
Also the faction aims have been slightly adjusted to let the Jap AI go more for important areas in the pacific.

Installtion Notes:
Just install into one of you backed up HOI3 folders and click the JSGME icon on your Desktop.
Now choose the "Dynamic Production AI"-Mod on the left side and activate it with the arrow in the middle(enable selected mod). Close the JSGME.
Now you could start the HOI3game.exe from that folder just as you would start it normally. No Mod to selecet here.)

You will have already some decisions that will help you to build the right forces for an usual campaign.
So you could set the production AI on auto and it will build the right forces in a senseable way(It should, at least..).
So if you loose much convoys it will adjust the production rate accordingly! Even more so in war times.
Russia might be too weak as I haven't implemented the new lend lease system so far, wich will give the russians more units.
(US AI will build them and SOV will take of transport from USA to SOV, a bit more complicated to implement..)
If russia is too weak, just open the z_Dynamic-AI.txt in the decisions folder and lookout for the line:
Heavy_Militia_Build_on_SOV = {
potential = {
tag = SOV
not = { has_country_flag = Heavy_Militia_Build_on }
year = 1941
#lost_national = 0.01
allow = {
lost_national = 0.01
lost_national = 0.01
to :
#lost_national = 0.01

Then russia should be a bit stronger in time.
Also a hint would be to load up as SOV and change the stance to prepare or withdraw, so they don't loose too many units initially.

And remember this is a BETA! It is not fully ready yet.
Please give feedback about your experiences.
Please have in mind that you could experience the same things again and again, while other experience other thinks more often.
And tell me also wich version you used, what happend so far, wich year etc..

Thank you and have fun!

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