Cheats & Hints

Hidden & Dangerous Cheats & Codes

To enable Cheat Mode in the American retail version, type ''iamcheater'' or ''iwillcheat'' while playing. A click confirms the code. Then enter the following codes:

Code: Description:
funnyhead Big Head Mode
laracroft Change Uniform
allloot All Weapons and unlimited Ammo
allitems All Items
cantdie Invincibility
killthemall Kill All Enemies
gamefail Mission Ends in Failure
openalldoor Open All Doors
goodhealth Restore Health
resurrect Revive Companion
showtheend View Ending
debugdrawwire Wire Frame Mode
gamedone Complete Mission Instantly
playercoords Display Player Coordinates
enemyf View Enemy Locations in front of you
enemyb View Enemy Locations behind you
fullhands All items in Inventory
skipmission Mission Skip


Hidden & Dangerous Trainers, Cheats Downloads

Name: Size:
Trainer # 1 13 KB Download it!