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This patch corrects a number of issues with Hitman: Contracts for PC. It is
intended for the English language version of Hitman: Contracts, and it should
be used only on either the U.S. or U.K. versions of the game.

Note: Do not install this patch if you have a non-English version of Hitman:

To install the patch simply download it to your desktop (or some other location
on your system where you will be able to easily locate it) and double-click to
begin installation. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process. This
will update Hitman: Contracts to version 174.

Fix List for Hitman Contracts Build 174

Crash Fixes:

- Fixed crash on ATI Radeon 8500, 9000 and 9200 on startup.

- Fixed crash when Restarting Asylum Aftermath level numerous times

- Fixed crash when user got shot after reviving HM from slow-mo death sequence.

- Fixed crash while watching the free agent cut scene on the Lee Hong
Assassination level.

- Fixed crash when user saved whilst highlighting an action (such as Pick lock,
jump balcony, Change Clothes, Place sign etc)

- Fixed Crash with Post-Filter on High: After death sequence inside the manor
on Beldingford Manor level, or inside meat plant on Meat King level.

Graphical Fixes:

- During and after "free agent" cut scene on Lee Hong Assassination level
screen would turn black.

- With Post-Filter set to High, would cause screen to go almost jet-black on
"Hunter and the Hunted" level when user by rooftop location.

- Post Filter set to High made sniper scope blurry.

Other Fixes:

- Unable to fire sniper rifle if 'fire' is set to Right Mouse button

- 47 could get stuck in the first door on Asylum aftermath level.

- Loading a save game transported 47 to a different location on Lee Hong level.

- Credits do not appear at end of game.

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