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The Homeworld2 v1.2 community patch is a simple modification with numerous minor tweaks to the v1.1 version that were partially inspired by the input of other Homeworld2 players. v1.2 aims at making the game slightly more realistic in terms of exo-atmospheric combat by modifying the ship maneuvering styles and the weapon effects, giving the game a more militaristic feel while still retaining the game play of the original v1.1 patch. Overall the game play has hardly been altered. As such, the same strategies used in v1.1 will apply to v1.2.
v1.2 is a visually-pleasing mod (influenced by the TFS mod) that still retains v1.1's strategic game play value.

General Changes:
*The kick feature has been removed from multi-player
*Vaygr Fusion Missile and Hiigaran Torpedo velocity has been increased
*All fighter, corvette and frigate weapon ranges have been slightly increased
*Most units have more realistic exo-atmospheric maneuvering capabilities
*New game settings: new starting RU options, adjustable CPU player aggression
levels and new starting fleet options
*The following new game modes have been incorporated into v1.2: Defined Rules,
MP Risk 1.2, MP Strikers 1.2 and DM Accelerated 1.5x
*Fighter and Corvette trail length has been slightly reduced
*Production ships are now interchangeable (added in 1.2.13 removed in subsequent versions)

*Assault Craft and Interceptors are armed with short-range anti-fighter missiles
*Lance Fighters are more effective against resource collectors and platforms
*All fighters and bombers have more armor (40 units per fighter, 50 per bomber)
*Two new bombers have been added: Vaygr Strategic Missile Bomber and Hiigaran
Heavy Bomber
*Assault Craft & Interceptors dogfight and split into groups when engaging fighters
*New missile launch sound effect for Assault Craft and Interceptors

*Gunship weapons are more accurate, have a longer range and have a higher
rate of fire
*Pulsar Corvette turret accuracy increased from 40% to 70% against corvettes
*Missile Corvette concussion missile damage has been slightly increased against
*Missile/Laser/Pulsar/Gunship corvette weapon ranges increased by 400 meters
*Minelayer corvette mine duration is ten times as long as in v1.1
*Vaygr Command Corvette armor has been slightly increased

*Assault Frigates maneuver when engaging Fighters and Corvettes
*The Assault Frigates turret accuracy has been decreased and its
concussion missile damage and rate of fire has been increased
*Flak Frigates fly encircle frigates and capital ships when engaging them

Capital Ships & Platforms:
*Capital ship defense guns fire twice as rapid
*Vaygr and Hiigaran Carrier armor increased by 30,000 units
*Destroyer turret rate of fire doubled, but rounds/pulses do half damage
*Gun Platform effectiveness slightly decreased:
Requires two shots to kill fighters and bombers
*Gun Platform rate of fire increased

Special thanks to the following for supporting development, testing and providing input:
HHornblower-TLSC, Flo-TLSC, X_Bomber
Mik, Slik_DuCk, AT Clan
Invader|Demon, Cloaked|SF

Files from other mods:
*The Heavy Missile Bomber & Heavy Bomber models and icons are from the TFS mod
*Mikail's Defined Rules game mode has been incorporated into v1.2
*Fighter dogfight & Heavy Missile Bomber attack style scripts incorporated & modified from the TFS mod
*New weapon effects (new Vaygr lasers, resized kinetic autogun shells) are from the TFS mod
*Progenitor missile model used on Attack drones was made by Greggy
*IcePirate's MP Risk and MP Strikers game modes have been modified and included with v1.2

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