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The Unified Hiigaran Fleet Mod is a pretty basic idea, to combine every Hiigaran ship into one team. This idea arose after looking for months on the net for a Kushan mod, I was indeed surprised when I could find no such mod, maybe I just couldn't find one. I have been learning how to mod HW2 for approximately two months and as I worked on the project it struck me that I could use all ships of the Hiigaran fleet, regardless of which game they were from. Although I have not decided yet I may make each individual race playable along with the unified race. Currently the mod is playable to the end of a deathmatch, but there are still quite a few things a miss. Ultimately I would like to make my mod have every single race from HW1, Cataclysm & HW2 (maybe not beast, never really liked that whole concept), someday maybe.

Ships Converted (most of these ships are 80%+ finished)
- Kiith Recon - Cataclysm - Kushan Attack Bomber - HW1
- Kushan Light Interceptor - HW1 - Derelict Heavy Corvette - HW1
- Kushan Ion Cannon Frigate - HW1 - Derelict Ion Cannon Frigate - HW1
- Kiith Multibeam Frigate - Cataclysm - Kushan Missile Destroyer - HW1
- Kushan Carrier - HW1 - Kushan Mothership - HW1
- Kushan Scaffold - HW1 - Kushan Resource Controller - HW1
- Kushan Resource Collector - HW1 - Derelict Heavy Cruiser - HW1
- Derelict Carrier - HW1 - Hiigaran Chimera Station - HW2
- Kiith Kuun-Laan Mothership - Cataclysm - Turanic Raider Carrier - HW1
- Turanic Raider Interceptor - HW1 - Turanic Raider Missile Corvette - HW1
- Junkyard Dog - HW1

The rest of the Hiigaran Fleet is buildable already, and the Kushan Fleet is becoming more and more finished each day, Kiith fleets yet to come.

I have added the Pirates, as a mini race, they can build marine/infiltrator frigates, Interceptors & Missile Corvettes along with the Junkyard dog - collects resources, just doesn't have a place to dock yet.

NEXT RELEASE will feature these items are complete as of now:

- Scaffold Engine Sub System Correct
- Scaffold Capital Class Docking in/out corrected
- Scaffold Docking, most ports switched to force close behavior (looks pretty sweet)
- Kushan AI working (only builds fighters, all types, Chimera & Battlecruisers)
- Chimera Station Sensor power cut in half (for better gameplay)
- Research Fixed (previous release, research did not improve ships)

Additional Items planned:
- Fix up the Progenitor team (maybe scrap in favor of the Bentusi)
- Try to figure out for the sixth race + chooseable race
- Add additional units, including shipyard (base from cataclysm) for the Raiders
- Add additional units for the Kushan, hopefully the majority of ships that are left
- Add maps for viewing specific fleets (like HW1 had)
- Fix minor game play issues such as resource salvage docking on Kushan Scaffold

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