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The FX Mod is a modification for Homeworld2 led by the 9CCN Team, a group of Chinese modders who are known for their work on the popular Gundam SEED modification.

The goal of the FX mod is to bring back all races from Homeworld1 and add a ton of changes to the current Homeworld2. Examples include new units, special abilites, textures, maps, player modes and more!

The current playable races are the Hiigaran, Vaygr, Taiidan, Kadeshi, Progenitors and Turanic Raiders. The Bentusi are currently being developed and are said to be 'three races in one'.

The current version of the FX mod is v1.81 - New Hope since it marks the beginning of adding all long-awaited features like military ranking system, re-textured ships, fleet color support, Single-Player campaign and more.

Even with the amount of awesome changes that have been made so far the creators say the entire FX concept is done for 50%. Many people have marked this mod as their favorite modification for Homeworld2 when v1.72 got released, and it only gets better!


Latest Version: FX v1.81 - New Hope
Released on: 5th February 2008
Notes: The first English version in the v1.8x series, FX v1.81 adds a ton of new features and abilities compared to v1.72.

Current Features:

- Custom main menu.
- Ability to play as one of the 6 current races: Hiigaran, Vaygr, Kadeshi, Progenitors, Taiidan and Turanic Raiders.
- New units for all races.
- New sound fx. (being improved)
- New unit abilities. (bugs are being fixed)
- New maps.
- New gamemodes for a brand new game experience.
- Ability to select random background music that will select a track from either Homeworld1 or Homeworld2.
- Several new gameplay options.
- LAN and Multiplayer supported (v1.1 patch required).

Under Development for FX v1.82:

- Fix the bugs found in FX v1.81.
- Include several new custom units.

FX v1.81 is the first English release in the v1.8x series, which is centered about code development. Naturally, v1.81 is no exception. This version features several tweaks to the Kadeshi and Progenitors, as well adds several new abilities to certain ships for all races. Some descriptions in the research or production tree show the usual '$3354' and some abilities have a few bugs but this will be fixed in the next version, v1.82, which is the debug version for all errors found in v1.81. Enjoy!


1. Download the file
2. Open the .ZIP and run the .EXE
3. Select 'English Version'. As for directory, ensure you have your /Homeworld2 folder selected and NOT your /Homeworld2/Data folder.
4. Run the shortcut and enjoy the game.

For more downloads, different file formats and technical support visit the official English FX Community.


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