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Author: Battlecry

Tactical Fleet Simulator (v2.5) Mod Description:
Tactical Fleet Simulator (TFS) is a complex modification for Homeworld2 with the objective of transforming Homeworld2 into a military-based, exo-atmospheric combat fleet simulator. From its properly designated units to the high attrition rates combatants suffer when engaging each other, TFS greatly enhances the tactical level of gameplay and gives Homeworld2 a much desired militaristic look and feel while still retaining real-time strategy elements. In order to become proficient at TFS, one will have to be willing to memorize some acronyms and unit recognition; all of which simulates a more immersive, realistic, adrenaline-soaked and combat-oriented gameplay experience. In short, TFS is Homeworld2 "militarized".

TFS Features:
Complex strategies and tactics
New ships, weapon systems and attack behaviors
More realistic weapons, unit mobility and tactics define the engagements
New game modes and options prolong the entertainment factor
A vast and complex unit selection, each with differing roles
More realistic weapon damage relative to ship armor/health
Improved individual ship armament and maneuvering capabilities
Split-second decisions of what units to build and when to deploy
Exhausting battles add to the fatigue of simulated combat

Note that TFS is suitable for use on small and medium sized maps with the Low and Moderate unit cap settings.

Mod Description:
Tactical Fleet Simulator (TFS) is a complex modification for Homeworld2
that changes the game style from a slow-paced, rock-paper-scissor type strategy game, to a fast-paced, combat-oriented tactical fleet simulation.

Changes in v2.5.2:
- Vaygr frigate unit caps have been lowered.
- Vaygr FFG-32 Missile Frigate SR-CM-5 rate of fire has been decreased to 7 seconds, ASM-50 proximity burst damage against frigates and subsystems has been decreased, and ASM-50 damage against capital ships has been slightly increased.
- Vaygr multi-role and heavy frigates are all-around less effective against fighters and corvettes.
- FFF-43 Flak Frigate weapon velocity and burst damage against fighters has been increased.
- FFI-44 Mk.1 and Mk.2 Ion Cannon Frigates are less effective against subsystems.
- FC-11B Lance Fighter and Hiigaran CF-17 Pulsar Fighter weapons do more damage against Frigates.
- Standard CV-101 and CVS-74 Carrier frontal and side armor has been increased.
- CVG-103 Strike Carrier MRG-300 turrets are more accurate against frigates.
- The issue with custom badges not showing up has been resolved.

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