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Author: Sajuuk_CyberX70

About Slipstream: The Price of Freedom:

The UNCG has been in existence since Earth's downfall in 2130, and has been a long time peace keeper. The Year is now 2299, and the UNCG council has elected a new leader. This Leader is a member of the American Empire Imperial Party, and is about to turn the tide of humanity forever. The American Emperor has initiated a campaign to bring the Empire to its rightful place in power, by taking over the UNCG collective. With This, the Emperor will have total control over humanity, and by the end of 2299, the Emperor had dissembled the UNCG government, and replaced it with his own. At the start of 2300, a Region of the UNCG, broke off to form the Dominion of Light. They are a radical Religious group that believes it will rule humanity, and take it to a new level of existence. The DOL had scrapped all of the UNCG ship designs and favored their localized versions of ships. Mainly consisting of German, Russian, and Chinese Engineering & Technology, These ships were used in the UNCG as light units and transports. Tension sored, and on October 28, 2300, a Commercial shipping fleet was pulled out of their slipstream corridor at a place called "The Bad Lands", which was a hot spot for Pirates, Junk, Ancient Drones, and even worse, was on the edge of DOL controlled space. The Fleet was caught off guard and was attack head on by three DOL Battlecruisers, and totally destroyed. When a message got to the UNCG Imperial Guard, a War Fleet was dispatched immediately. Thus Begins humanity's greatest struggle for survival...
The Price of Freedom Features List (Please Read):

Main Menu:
The main menu has been changes DRASTICALLY. This is experimental, but it really works. In order to exit the mod, you will need to click the X button in the right hand corner of the menu box. I have added 1600 Support for people with hi Resolution monitors.

Skirmish Music:
I was able to implement a way to turn off music in multiplayer so you don't have to go into settings and turn the music down. This is done by a very small FDA file (>3bytes), so it wont hamper performance. Music is off by default. Thanks to Mikhail for the music script.

Starting Fleets:
Starting Fleets allow you to change the way you start. You can choose Normal, Carriers Only, and Instant Action. Normal is just like Vanilla Homeworld. Carriers allow you to only work with Fighters/Vettes/Frigates (I added frig support). Instant Action Gives you some heavy weaponary for a quick battle, or just to pick fights.

Hyperspace (Slipstreaming) Usage:
Hyperspace (AKA Slipstreaming) is a tactic in this game. Thus it is free. Use it to maneuver a battle like you never did before.

*Note: Some Features do not work on the Mac OS Version of Homeworld2. Because of this, you want to choose TPOF: Mac Compatibilty from the Gametype.
Credits List:

Team SRI:
-NSWMaps Maping, Concepting, Bug Reporting
-HisDivineShadow Conceptor, Alpha Tester
-DoubleForte Assistant Photoshop Work, Conceptor, Loading and Main menu backgrounds.
-Coldstar EMP Laser Systems, Weapons, Concept, Helios
-Myself Everything thats left
-Navck Newsclomer - Fixing the hard stuff, and making things realistic.

Other Contributors:
-Modernization team

Thanks Guys!

Windows Vista Tips:

Windows Vista takes up a lot of memory and can cause performance issues with TPOF. This will solve this:

-Run homeworld2.exe in Administration mode, this will allow you to run homeworld2 closer to the Hardware.

-Sometimes Homeworld2 will run best in WinXP SP2 Compatibility mode. However, you should try TPOF without Compatibility mode first.

-Allow the EXE to disable aero while it is running, this allows for a better performance increase

-Another tip, if running in WINDOWED mode, make sure Aero turns off, else if an Aero window is shown while playing, you will notice a lag.
Whats all new in v1.64?
-hopefully the the lag problem caused by faulty gatling turrets is fixed.

-Added Improved AI support.

-New Weapons added to both races

-some Fighters are no longer useless

-NEW SHADERS (warning, some slower PC may have problems with newer shaders, i recommend tuning graphics settings down)

-added some new frigates to DOL

-Trying a new main menu system

-much more!

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