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Author: Battlecry

Homeworld2 Enhanced is an add-on modification that incorporates two variations of the Vaygr and Hiigaran factions as separate playable races. This mod preserves the balance and feel of the original game, and the new units mirror the unit hierarchies of the existing races. This modification makes no attempt to change the balance of the original units or original races aside from slightly improving the Vaygr so they are no longer underpowered. The reason for this is in standard Homeworld2, the Vaygr were slightly underpowered due to their slow resource processing; likewise, the race that was most often played were the Hiigarans. This made the standard game very repetitive quickly. This mod makes the game more interesting by using ship models from the Modernization Ship pack mod for the new factions and by adding in new visual and sound effects from the v1.2CP modification. Additionally, some underpowered and relatively useless units from the original game have had their stats bolstered, such as the Lance Fighter and Hiigaran Gunship Corvette.

Mod Objectives:
This mod replaces the Homeworld2 v1.2CP modification, but unlike v1.2CP is geared more towards providing an interesting multi-player game experience. The later versions of the v1.2CP mod began to change some ship and weapon properties to a degree in which the game became less like the original v1.1 version. HW2E retains most of the original specifications for the original races, and is likewise intended for those who alreadt play Homeworld2 online through gamespy or through LAN and are primarily looking for new effects, a more balanced Vaygr race and simple new "races" and strategies to play with.

Planned Future Developments:
Functioning AI for the Vaygr(Adv) and Hiigaran(Adv) races, though is of low priority given HW2E is a multiplayer mod. Planned additions include the Taiidan and Kushan factions from Homeworld1.

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