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Author: Sajuuk_CyberX70

About Slipstream: The Price of Freedom:

Slipstream: The Price of Freedom Sets the Homeworld2 Engine into a different Universe, where the UNCG (United Nations Centralized Government) and DOL (Dominion of Light) fight the bloodiest war ever fought by humanity. The Battlefield consists of the recently colonized Inner-Rim worlds of the UNCG and the Mid-Rim worlds of the DOL. The Date is December 7th, 2300. The newly-formed DOL attacks a UNCG shipping carrier on the edge of both empires. With neither government knowing the other existed, and thought that the other had died off. This event would spark a war that would last for 400 years, with many dying in cold blood. Humanity is consumed in the ultimate annihilation of each other. One empire wants total domination, the other, wants religious salvation. This is the story of humanity's decline, set as if set into motion by our present policies in the world. This is a probable Future, only one will come out on top. But at what cost?
About the Mod:

The Mod Comes in a standard package, with a Readme containing installation instructions, a short description, and bug reporting instructions. This mod has some problems when it comes to certain platforms. However, this seems to be very random, so the only way to determine if your computer can run tpof is to actually play it. We are working on solving this issue, but if you are having performance problems, try setting your graphics settings down to a lower setting, or try playing at a lower resolution. If your game tends to crash at the main menu, we recommend that you create a new profile within the mod. this tends to solve about 90% of the problems related to this. If you are having a problem you cannot fix, please leave a comment below, or leave me a personal message.
This Mod Features:

* A Redesigned Main Menu and Loading Screen with Full High Definition Support (Up to 1600x1200 Before Pixelation and blurring begins to occur).
* The Ability to Choose Music before the start of a game, this includes the original default music built into the level, turning music off all together without having to adjust your settings, and the ability to have a playlist of random music from the original game.
* The Ability to change the starting fleet to either the standard Supercarrier fleet, two carriers for fighter, corvette, and frigate combat only, and an instant action with all the required research completed, all the subsystems necessary to build a fleet, and some ships to start a small skirmish with.
* You can also choose what conditions which you want the game to end on, such as killing all ships, Quitting Manually even after all ships are destroyed, or the normal homeworld 2 rules.
* Custom Maps, along with custom built backgrounds, make the battles unique from homeworld 2's stock game play.
* A short summary of the Slipstream: The Price of Freedom (Also known as Era II in the slipstream universe) Built into the game, located under the “Slipstream Universe” Menu item.
* Custom Shaders that bring homeworld 2 up to modern standards.
* Adjusted Camera Settings to bring a slightly more realistic view to the game play
* Intense ship to ship combat situations that leave the replay value extensive
* Long Range Weapons of Mass Destruction make for great long-range support of your fleet.
* Dynamic Damaging systems that make attacks turn out differently with every attempt.
* More Features that bring a fresh look and feel to the way you play this game.

Remember to Read The Readme for more information, including troubleshooting, installation instructions, and more! Thanks for Playing!!

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