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Authors: 9CCN Team

FX v1.83 is the third release in the v1.8x series. After a long period of waiting and some delays this version finally sees a public release. Most noticeable changes compared to v1.82 are the new Turanic unit (replacement for Heavy Gun Cruiser), the Progenitor power supply system and the Kadeshi crystal unit system.

*Note: There was supposed to be a fix to all spelling/grammar errors found in this version, but the file somehow was not included in the final release. We are currently investigating how this happened, once we have more info we'll probably put up the file along with the instructions on how to install it. If not, it will hopefully be included in v1.84.


1. Download the file
2. Open the .RAR and run the .EXE
3. Select 'English Version'. As for directory, ensure you have your /Homeworld2 folder selected and NOT your /Homeworld2/Data folder.
4. Run the shortcut and enjoy the game.

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