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Author: HW2: Crossfire Development Team

The Crossfire mod is a continuation of the HW2 story. Sort of an 'unofficial expansion' if you prefer. We are expanding on the original story, gameplay, and units. Keeping the original 'feel', yet adding to the experience. The balance will be preserved as well, so while that Mothership may have more than 2x the original armor, the new Heavy Destroyers and Super Battlecruisers will still make short work of it.
-2 Brand new races will be introduced, as will the Progenitors (who will have a complete and fully capable fleet), and we will be keeping the Hiigaran and Vaygr. All five will be playable in skirmish and multiplayer games, and all five will appear in the singleplayer campaign.
-These two new races, the Sarac and the Jägaar, have backgrounds well tied into the HW2 story, and will have their own new 'styles' of play.
-All original units will be used (yes, even Sajuuk and the Keeper), and many more will be added. Super Battlecruisers, Heavy Destroyers, and Heavy Defense platforms for each race are just a few of them. Brand new sounds, voices, and of course fx will be made for the new units.
-Each of the Super Battlecruisers will have it's own specail attributes/abilities. For instance, the Vaygr SBC will be an 'uber' anti - strikecraft ship, with a selection of buildable weapons that will still keep it as an anti - strikecraft ship, but will vary it's use (there may yet be other additions to it as well).
-New skirmish and multiplayer maps will be added. Bigger, and with some new scenery as well. Including Balcora, which will have black holes in the area of play that players will need to be wary of.
-A few new game features for skirmishes and MP games will be included, such as a playlist to choose what music is played during a battle (if any). As well as a few other gameplay variables.
-New shaders will be used (thanks to CnlPepper). What does this mean? In layman's terms, bump maps and shiny things (not to mention a few other enhancements they provide, like atmospheres for planets).
-There will be two campaigns. The first will be the main campaign (playing as the Hiigarans), and the second will follow the same storyline, but with a different path, and played as a different race (so from a different perspective).
-A final addition that we are planning, is fully 3d modeled animatics.
Well, I think I covered most of it. Other information may be found at the Crossfire website, and the thread in the relicnews forums.
Current Information:
To start with, we are not a brand new mod. We have been working for months now, and have completed the Progenitor race (save for some fine-tuning that will come when all races are finished). So the first release seen by Moddb will include them.
Anyone who has seen Crossfire on Relicnews before knows that we haven't been numbering our releases. Well that changes with the first release seen here, which will be 0.1.

Our current work is on the Sarac, and we'll start on the Jägaar after the Sarac are finished. The Hiigaran and Vaygr fleets are receiving small additions here and there as we go, so we have no planned completion time for them, though they will definitely be finished when we finish the Jägaar . After we are finished with the races, then we'll move on to the singleplayer campaign.
Questions, suggestions, and any opinions are appreciated, and I'll try to answer any of them within a few days, though I can be reached faster on the Crossfire website.

I don't care if you have an hour to work each night, or 3 hours out of a week. As long as you finish your work when you say (or provide proof of progress if there's some reason that you don't) you'll be accepted. You will also receive credit for any work that you do for the Crossfire team, and all rights to your work (unless the job is shared with another person/s in which you have half the rights, and any distribution of that work would require consent from both/all of the creators).
***Anybody who can make textures is needed, and if you have any UV mapping experience as well that'd be great (though I can UV map the models myself if you can't).
*Anybody who can work on scripting (weapon, ship, fx, etc), 2D/3D Graphics, Dockpaths, Modeling, Animations, or just plain Testing and Debugging would be granting extra help that would speed up the development of the mod. We have many quickie jobs in most of these areas.

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