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Hi everyone! In one word, I am a n00b. I don't know how to modify anything except txt, even though I've been playing Homeworld series for so many years...Homeworld 2 is the summit of this series and I love it very much, I've been dreaming to have my own mod for Homeworld 2. However as I mentioned above, I am a n00b. A n00b is one who doesn't know anything about extracting big files or editing models in Maya, and everything told by other modders which trully puzzled me. I actually thought that maybe there would never be my own mod for Homeworld 2.
Then, many years later, a mod gave me a hope. I downloaded Homeworld 2 Complex 8 beta 0.9, and found it completey decompiled and could be edited in NotePad...I am so excited that I can't wait to edit it in my own way.
So, regarding my first attempt to create a mod for Homeworld 2, don't be surprised if you find me ruined the epic Complex mod, which could the best Homeworld 2 mod ever...(As a n00b, I've played almost every Homeworld 2 mod listed on ModDB.) Just regard this as a n00b's practice (on NotePad), and this is the story of a n00b...
Finally give all my sincere thanks to the Complex team, maybe I would never know how Homeworld 2 works if I didn't met this mod, let alone modifying it myself. For the reason that I must type a name for my mod on ModDB, I decided to call it SIMPLE, because my works are too simple comapering to the source code of COMPLEX...

NOTE: This mod has been permitted by the Complex team! That means I'll keep studying and make this mod better, and sure you can download and play it. Thank Beghins and Baroness1 for their kindness and enthusiasm, thank the Complex team again! You can visit the Complex program at and

=============SPECIAL THANKS=============
mololu -- A genius modeller who made the fantastic Path to Victory mod, the models of Sajuuk, two Vaygr platforms, hgn_pulseturret, hgn_flakturret, vgr_frigateturretbc, Hiigaran destroyer armour and Keeper in my mod are borrowed from Path to Victory. Path to Victory is superbly cool and contains almost every ship in Homeworld 1 with completely new model which is my favorite!

Pouk -- The creator of R.E.A.R.M mod from whom in the original Complex mod many things are borrowed, including:
Ships: "hgn_defensefieldturret", "vgr_advassaultfrigate", "vgr_longrangeartilleryfrigate", "vgr_resourcecontrollerdouble" and "vgr_supportfrigatearmed".
Subsystems: "hgn_destroyertorpedosilo1",
Badges: "vaygr2 grayscale chevron", "vaygr2 red chevron", "vaygr3 fangs white", "vaygr3 fangs", "vaygr4 victorious white", "vaygr4 victorious", "vaygr5 black triangle", "z bentus", "z hiigaran1" to "z hiigaran6" and "z tree"
(Although some contents have been removed as Pouk requests)

singularity --The owner of Higarrian SuperScout mod, from which the model of pihrana bioship is borrowed. Post-modern deconstructionism! :D

evillejedi --The owner of Star Wars: Warlords mod, from which the model of Coruscant (planet) is borrowed. In fact those planes models in the original Complex mod are also borrowed from this mod.

Battlecry and Sagyxil -- The owners of Tactical Fleet Simulator mod who reminded me that vgr_srm, hgn_bombervette, hgn_lbomber, hgn_sram, hgn_srdm and hgn_guidedrocket (which existed in the original Complex mod) are from this mod.

BloodFleet -- The owner Homeworld:Evolved and Homeworld:Cataclysm Remix mod, from which some converted map backgrounds are borrowed.

As a beginner in modding Homeworld 2, I sincerely appreciate your work; As a player, I also want to thank you for your contribution to the Homeworld game. It is you who keep this game alive, and that's the greatest gift you gave all the players like me who have been playing and loving Homeworld series for so many years! Thank you! Thank all of you!

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