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Advanced Mod is a mod I developed over 5 years ago. Since then it withered away and died, but it never really did, little ideas, hardpoints, and revised weapon armaments, have been used not only in mods I helped work with like PDS, but even complex (harvest control module) and others.

For those of you who may know of my old mod, this isn't the same Advanced mod it once was. I still cant model for my life, but I have added in a number of the frequently used "community models".

The best way to describe what Advanced Mod is, is a mixture of PDS-lite (heavily re-armed ships with designated roles, but usually an armament that blurs the true role slightly giving it a more realistic feel) and Complex-lite (uses a lot of the same models complex uses, but while still feeling like homeworld 2).

PDS mod team.
Complex mod team.
TFS mod team
FX mod team.
Pirates mod team.
PTV mod team: Mololu.
Mothership Warfare mod team.

This is 5 years of tinkering around with my mod. So if I have used
something from your mod, and have not credited you, I am sorry, please
PM me, so I can fix the problem. Thank you.

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