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Added parameter "population sensitivity" for set the growth of population on planets and orbital stations
Added new voice in the info/help menu: space
Criptical! Game parameters now works, we have played all matches in normal mode, now game modalities run differently
EMP abilities no more linked to Power Disruptor module
Honor sensitivity parameter increased for carnage game modality 2.34->2.4
Hgn/Vgr Resource Collector cost reduced 800->700
Hgn/Vgr Mobile Refinery cost reduced 1000->900
Vgr Battleship heavy mine damage decreased 110000->105000
Vgr Destroyers/Cruisers weapon mine damage decreased 19000->18000
Vgr Battleship Heavy Perforation bomd damage decreased 10000->8000
Vgr Swarm weapon rate increased 1->0.9
Vgr Defender weapon range increased 1500->1600
Vgr Swarm defense field shield range increased 32->34
Vgr Strike Craft weapon damage/range increased 31->32/1250->1300
Hgn Aditional Core Hyperspace cost x meter increased 8->9
Hgn Nuclear bombs damage balanced
Vgr Multilance weapon damage vs corvette/frigate increased 1->1.2/1->1.3 and 33->38
Hgn Gunship weapon accuracy vs fighter increased 0.8->1.4


UI Energy menu added for both races
AI now uses order "power save mode"
Added big stars on Solar System and Kuiper map
Hgn Power Station order added "power save mode", if enable -50% energy production -50% explosion damage -50% overcharge
new map Kuiper Belt
Hgn Battlecarrier now can build spies
Vgr now research consumes energy
Map Hyperproduction asteroid collision fixed
Hgn Light Shuttle broken EXP/EFF/EN UI display fixed
Vgr Missile Bomber formation spacing increased 60->65
RUs start 7000 now works with skip intro
Vgr Heavy Missile Frigate weapon range increased 3600->4100
Hgn Weapon Station artillery cannons damage/range reduced 5500->5000/45000->35000
Vgr Artillery Cruiser/Heavy Cannon Frigate mortar missile damage vs Frigate/Capital Ships increased 1.2->1.3/2.2->2.4
Vgr Flechette Cannons accuracy vs fighter/corvette/munition reduced 0.06/0.05/0.07->0.05/0.04/0.06
Hgn/Vgr heavy dropped mine (Shuttles/Guardians) damage/lifetime increased by 100%
Maps with planets, distance from the sun balanced
Vgr energy production upgrades progression increased 4->4.1...4.9->5
Vgr Strike Craft damaged increased 30->31
Module Anti-Radiation range increased 2750->3000
Hgn Salvage Collector nebula damaged time increased 70->90
Minor content/text typos improved
Vgr Multilance Corvette damage vs Capital Ships increased 0.7->1.2
Experience sensitivity increased by 20%
Anti-radiation upgrades effect (module) increased by 20%
Vgr Destroyer/Heavy Destroyer mine damage reduced 22000->20000
Vgr Battleship Perforation pos bomb damage reduced 12000->10000
Vgr Battlecarrir Health increased 150000->175000
Vgr Swarm Corvette ablative shield size increased 30-32
Vgr Swarm Corvette damage/range increased 21->24 1450->1500
Vgr Defender damage/range/accuracy increased 30->33 1400->1500 0.1->0.14
Hgn Battlecarrier health increased 150000->200000
Hgn Aditional Core Hyperspace cost x meter increased 7->8
Hgn Cruiser Type A attack style vs Capital Shps fixed on "Frontal"
Hgn Ion Cannon Turre damage increased 750->900
Vgr Mothership Heavy Ion Cannon power/fire rate increased by 15%
Hgn Mothership Heavy Ion Cannon power/fire rate reduced by 20%
Hgn Ion Destroyer fire angle increased by 10%
Hgn Fleet Carrier health increased 140000->180000
Hgn Shuttle max speed reduced with full Juggernaught load 0.6->0.5
Hgn Ion Frigate damage vs Capital Ship increased by 20%
Hgn Gunship accuracy vs fighter reduced 1.2->0.8
Vgr Heavy Missiles damage vs fighter/corvette reduced 1->0.5
Hgn Defense Field Platform health increased 21000->30000
Vgr Missile Bomber fire power/rate reduced 2000->1800/16->18
Friendly Fire Rate decreased 2.5->2
Planets and Hgn Orbital Station now grant RUs based on game speed setting
Hgn Research Station cost reduced 1800->1500
Hgn Power Station cost reduced 3800->2500
Hgn Crew Station cost reduced 2300->2000
Hgn Scavenger crew reduced 15->10
Vgr Scavenger crew reduced 15->12
Hgn Research Station crew reduced 15->10
Hgn Power Station crew reduced 15->10
Hgn Power Station Teroidal Magnets cost reduced 1000-1200-1600-2200-3000-4000-5200-6600-8200-10000
Vgr Artillery Cruiser subsystem cost reduced 2500->2000
Vgr Artillery Cruiser subsystem construction time reduced 300->120
Hgn/Vgr Weapon Ion tracking reduced by 10% on all weapons


Vgr Heavy Cannon Frigate, added prerequisite "Commander Rank";
Info/Help screen in-game now works
Hgn Mothership crew requirement reduced 50->40;
Hgn Power Station crew requirement reduced 20->15;
Vgr Artillery Cruiser/Heavy Cannon Frigate mortar missile rotation increased 11->12
Vgr Multilance Corvette weapon damage increased 29->33
Hgn Aditional Core Hyperspace cost x meter increased 6->7

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