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"Siegparade" (Victory Parade) is a set of alternate history missions for "Il-2 Sturmovik: 1946." In this version of history, Germany won the war and now celebrates it with a great parade in Berlin. You may take roles of different pilots performing stunts, or just be a spectator and enjoy the show. These missions are probably among the most unusual (and, I hope, interesting) ones you've ever seen in Il-2 series as, instead of just fighting, they demonstrate a very complex and beautiful show in the air and on the ground with dozens of machines performing their prescribed tasks, moving in close formations and forming huge figures. I really felt myself like Leni Riefenstahl directing her best films ;) The parade consists of two parts - Phase I is an airshow and Phase II is the ground forces parade (however, you will fly in Phase II, too). Phase I includes 5 missions - "Demo", "Hartmann", "Rudel", "Under bridge" and "Lerche" (the latter four have also safe/training variants). Phase II has one mission "Panzerwaffe". Phase I missions can be played in any order (that's why each of them begins with the same description); you may start with "Demo" mission just to watch the parade before participating in it. A movie (track) "Lerche Landung" is also included (should be placed into records folder).

Additionally, the package contains one standalone mission "Ultimate Revenge" (KillStalin.*) which should be placed in Me-163 folder (Missions\Single\DE\Me-163B-1\), and Swastika pack which restores swastikas on German and Finnish planes and awards. "Ultimate Revenge" is also an alternate history mission, but in a different version of history where Germany still lost the war. In this mission your task is to kill Stalin during his visit to the occupied Berlin. In real history (contrary to Soviet propaganda movie) Stalin never flew to Berlin, but the information about Soviet atrocities in Germany is true, as well as about massive Allied bombing of civilian targets with incendiary bombs (up to 2 million German civilians were killed this way).

Swastika pack (swastika.rar) allows you to restore swastikas in the game without running any doubtful and version-dependent utilities. Just unpack cashe.rar to PaintSchemes\Cache\ and awards-de.rar and awards-fi.rar to Missions\Campaign\DE\ and Missions\Campaign\FI\, resp.

Troubleshooting and tips

The "Il-2" game is buggy. I never actually knew how buggy it was until I began designing these missions. Fighting glitches and limitations of the game engine was a real headache, and, while normally all my missions work correctly, sometimes bugs still may happen. That's not my fault - that's the flaws of the game engine. First, at rare occasions planes or ground machines which normally pass each other may collide (but after all that can happen in a real parade, too). If this happens, I suggest you to rerun the mission. Second and the worst, with so many planes in the air sometimes the game crashes. If you experience this, try usual tricks - run the game on a fresh (just rebooted) system with minimal background tasks, maybe disabling any overclocking. If nothing helps - or for training purposes - use "safe mode" missions where all planes insignificant for your task are removed.

If you have troubles with Lerche missions, be sure you've read the game manual. If you still cannot land Lerche in front of Reichstag in time, watch the movie "Lerche Landung.trk" (should be placed into records folder).

The Berlin map in the game is unfortunately full of bugs, too. Almost everything is wrong either in shape or in position (or both). For example, Charlottenburger Chaussee which was normally the western continuation of Unter den Linden, in the game visually looks as a very narrow road moved to the north. Don't use it - use the real location of the Chaussee which is designated with torches in Phase I missions. However, while in real life this wide asphalt-paved street could be used as a good runway (and actually was during the last days of Berlin in 1945), in the game it's just an unpaved ground, and landing there is far not easy. For Ju 87, it is still possible; use soft landing technique - touch down with some power left and keep your nose up all the way to complete stop. For Me 109, the correct landing is probably impossible at all: when the speed falls below 90 km/h in a ground roll, the plane noses over despite the full deflection of elevator and elevator trim. Of course it's a game bug, too. So the only solution I see for Hartmann mission is to turn the realistic landing option off. Yes, I hate this idea as much as you do, but looks like nothing else will work (however, if you still manage to land Me 109G on Charlottenburger Chaussee normally, please write to me and attach your saved track).

In Phase I missions, switch radio frequency to enemy in order to avoid tedious communications of other planes.

Use Ctrl-F2 to switch cameras. The best place for watching the most of Luftwaffe parade is probably in front of Brandenburg Gate or over it; Hartmann-Graf passing should be of course watched from a cam in front of Reichstag, and for watching Rudel's sinking Marat you may wish to switch to the bridge. But feel free to check other cams, too, especially in Phase II mission.

WARNING: Do NOT try to edit any mission. Not only because of copyright matters, but, first of all, because changed missions will not work. I used undocumented features which are not supported by the game editor and will be just ruined if you re-save the files. Also, missions of that complexity are prone to "butterfly effect": changing one thing can unexpectedly influence others.


This package is, well, donation-ware. You are free - and encouraged! - to download and upload it wherever you want unless any changes to the contents are made, but please keep in mind that it took me WEEKS to design, adjust and debug both parts of the parade. It was much like making a cartoon movie when you have to draw 24 pictures for every second of the screen time - only movie makers don't have to fight the glitches and limitations of the engine. So, if you like my missions, please send a couple of dollars to my Paypal, using my email That will encourage me to make a full campaign in the same alternate history world which will allow you to participate in the events now only briefly mentioned in Phase I missions description!

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